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Master of Arts in Fashion and Textiles

Sept 2020 Entry
Programme code: 14102

Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles
Institute of Textiles and Clothing

Stream Code

FFM for Fashion Merchandising (Full-time)
FGF for Global Fashion Management (Full-time)
PFM for Fashion Merchandising (Part-time)
PGF for Global Fashion Management (Part-time)

Mode of Study Mixed Mode

Normal Duration

1 year (Full-time) 
2 years (Part-time)

Credits Required for Graduation


Initial Registration Credits

3 for local students
6 for non-local students

Fund Type Self-Financed

Tuition Fee

HK$5,000 per credit for local and non-local students

Programme Leader(s)

Programme Director
Dr Chester To

Deputy Programme Director
Dr Wing-sun Liu


  • This programme has two specialisms:
    • Fashion Merchandising (服裝營銷策劃); and
    • Global Fashion Management (全球化服裝管理).
  • Applicants are requested to choose the appropriate stream code in on-line application to indicate their interest in the specialism and also the mode of study.

Aims & Characteristics

Programme Aims

The prime purpose of the programme is to provide students with opportunities to pursue advanced-level postgraduate education in Fashion and Textiles and related knowledge areas. The programme facilitates students in extending their professional and personal development through a real-life problem based learning approach. The underlying premise is to nurture professionals to reach an advanced understanding and mastery of their chosen specialist areas of study, as a vital step towards realising their career and personal goals in Fashion and Textiles.



The textile and fashion business has long been an area of international significance. Practitioners, typically in buying offices or trading houses, face increasingly complex challenges in terms of technological advancement, globalising management and the intractable diversity of worldwide market requirements. These challenges are associated with various well-partitioned educational disciplines, from global product design and merchandising, and the management of supply and quality, to marketing and branding. Through this MA programme, graduates can integrate these forms of disciplinary knowledge and advance their own expertise, analytical skills and visions to a more sophisticated postgraduate level. Graduates are knowledgeable in innovative practices for today's textile and fashion business, and can effectively manage globally dispersed interacting business tasks.


Programme Structure

Fashion Merchandising specialism

Students must complete 4 Core Subjects, 3 Specialised Subjects and 3 Elective Subjects for graduation.  Each subject in the programme carries three credits.

Global Fashion Management specialism

Students must complete 4 Core Subjects, 3 Overseas Seminars and/or Site Visits and 3 Elective Subjects for graduation. Each subject in the programme carries three credits. They also have to bear the travelling cost for the intensive seminars and site visits. The cost of each overseas trip is around HK$20,000-25,000.

Core Areas of Study

Core Subjects

  • Current Technologies in the Fashion Industry
  • Fashion Global Marketing & Brand Management
  • International Fashion & Textile Design
  • Sourcing & Logistics


Specialised Subjects

Fashion Merchandising specialism

  • Apparel Performance Evaluation
  • Fashion Merchandising Planning & Control
  • Quality Assurance in Textiles & Clothing


Global Fashion Management specialism

  • Overseas Seminars (New York)
  • Overseas Seminars (Paris)
  • Overseas Seminars (Pearl River and Yangzhijang River Delta Regions)


Elective Subjects

  • Advanced Textile Processing Technology
  • Apparel Performance Evaluation*
  • Clothing & Textile Materials & Processes
  • Fashion Merchandising Planning & Control*
  • Fashion Retailing
  • Fashion Technology
  • Information Technology for Textiles & Clothing Industries
  • International Business in Fashion Industry
  • Omni-Channel Retailing & Marketing
  • Quality Assurance in Textiles & Clothing*
  • Research Methodology

* Not applicable to Fashion Merchandising specialism


Information on the subjects offered can be obtained at 

Entrance Requirements

  • A Bachelor's degree in textiles or fashion (clothing) studies, or an equivalent qualification.


Applicants who hold Bachelor's degree in other fields of study and have adequate and relevant work experience in the fashion or textile industry may be considered for admission.


For the Global Fashion Management specialism, applicants are expected to have a minimum of three years of relevant work experience.


If you are not a native speaker of English, and your Bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification is awarded by institutions where the medium of instruction is not English, you are expected to fulfil the University’s minimum English language requirement for admission purpose. Please refer to the "Admission Requirements" section for details.

Other Information
  • Prospective students will be invited to attend an interview.
  • Depending on their pace of study, students should be able to complete the Fashion Merchandising and Global Fashion Management specialisms in 1 and 1.5 years, respectively.
  • Individual applications will be considered on their own merit. Applicants may be required to attend an interview or test to further demonstrate their language proficiency.


For further information on academic matters, please contact:
Dr Chester To (email: chester.to@polyu.edu.hk); or
Dr Wing-sun Liu (email: wing-sun.liu@polyu.edu.hk); or
Miss Sicily Ho (email: sicily.ho@polyu.edu.hk).

Programme Leaflet

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