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Master of Speech Therapy

Sept 2020 Entry
Programme code: 72021

Faculty of Humanities
Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies

Stream Code


Mode of Study Full-time

Normal Duration

2.5 years

Credits Required for Graduation


Initial Registration Credits

3 for local students
6 for non-local students

Fund Type Self-Financed

Tuition Fee

HK$4,740 per credit for local students
HK$5,150 per credit for non-local students

Programme Leader(s)

Dr Leung Man Tak


  • ​This is a full-time programme. Only the full-time option will be offered for admission in 2020-21.
  • Applications can be made to our postgraduate programmes without the help of agencies. Applicants are required to apply online via the Study@PolyU website.
  • Please note that all fields in the application forms should be filled. We will not consider applications that do not provide details of academic qualifications.
  • Interview may be arranged as deemed appropriate.
  • No application will be processed unless with full provision of supporting documents.
  • The info seminar was completed on 8 Feb 2020.
    Archive: https://www.polyu.edu.hk/cbs/web/en/videos_and_photos/detail/75/

Aims & Characteristics

Programme Aims

The Master of Speech Therapy (MST) programme is the first in Hong Kong offered by a recognised University to enable Bachelor's degree holders to become professionally qualified speech therapists, by successfully completing a Master's degree entry-level programme in Speech Therapy. The MST programme aims to produce graduates who are able to practice as Speech Therapists in Hong Kong and mainland China, and whose professional qualification is recognised locally and internationally. The MST curriculum is therefore necessarily designed to meet the local and international standards required for professional recognition beyond Hong Kong.



Hybrid teaching and learning approach: traditional lectures for foundational courses in the first year are combined with a Problem Based Learning (PBL) approach in small-group tutorials from the second year, to ensure the integration of effective learning across years by emphasising the articulation between theories and practice.


A major part of the training for Speech Therapists is supervised clinical practice. With its home base set up on the PolyU campus, the Speech Therapy Unit (STU) creates a platform whereby in-house teaching and research are mutually reinforced. Teaching and research, in turn, are both supported and empirically informed by a service interface, namely our in-house speech therapy clinic. For more details, please visit STU's website here.


In addition to the in-house placement at the Speech Therapy Unit, students will undertake external placements supervised by qualified and experienced speech therapists in a variety of settings in Hong Kong and mainland China where speech therapists practice, and where students will find work upon graduation. Students will obtain supervised clinical experience (hours) across a wide range of communication and swallowing disorders involving pediatric, adult and geriatric clients. Click here for a list of external collaborators.


The clinical curriculum meets international requirements in terms of supervised contact clinical hours, coverage of contents, and requirements on competencies for an entry-level degree programme in Speech Therapy.

Recognition & Prospects

Our Master of Speech Therapy Programme completed a 2-day Institutional-based Assessment Visit conducted by the Hong Kong Institute of Speech Therapists (HKIST) in April 2018. Our programme received very positive comments from our panel, and we have been informed that the programme met all the standards required in this assessment. 


Our Master of Speech Therapy Programme has received the formal full endorsement of our programme by HKIST. Being granted "full endorsement" means there is sufficient evidence that the programme scope, content, and assessments are deemed to have fulfilled the endorsement standard by HKIST. According to HKIST's regulations, once full endorsement is granted, the endorsement is valid for 5 years, from 31 August 2018 to 30 August 2023.


Since HKIST is officially authorised by the Hong Kong SAR government as the accredited regulatory body responsible for administering a register for the speech therapy profession; this status of professional recognition by the HKIST also means that graduates from our programme (including those who graduated before 31 August 2018) will be accepted as eligible to apply to be Member of Register of Speech Therapists accredited by Department of Health of the Hong Kong SAR government.


Programme Structure

Master of Speech Therapy is a full-time professional entry-level programme based on a structured credit-earning model.  The programme consists of a total of 90 credits to be covered in 5 semesters and 2 summer terms, spanning across 2 and a half years.  The credits are divided into 21 credits of foundation subjects, 42 credits of professional subjects and 27 credits of clinical education subjects. The programme comprises 6 main subject categories, reflecting its multi-disciplinary nature: Medical and Rehabilitation Sciences, Linguistics and Language Sciences, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Communication Disorders and Audiology, Research Project, and Clinical Education.


Media of Instruction:
English (supplemented by Cantonese and Mandarin for Cantonese-speaking and Mandarin-speaking clients in the clinical placements)


Core Areas of Study

Foundation Subjects

  • ​Foundations in Biomedical Sciences I
  • Foundations in Biomedical Sciences II
  • Foundations in Behavioural and Social Sciences I
  • Foundations in Behavioural and Social Sciences II
  • Foundations in Linguistics and Language Sciences I
  • Foundations in Linguistics and Language Sciences II
  • Foundations in Linguistics and Language Sciences III
  • Foundations in Linguistics and Language Sciences IV

Professional Subjects

  • ​Introduction to Communication Disorders and Audiology
  • Introduction to Speech Therapy and Audiology
  • Paediatric Communication Disorders: Assessment and Treatment I
  • Paediatric Communication Disorders: Assessment and Treatment II
  • Adult Communication Disorders: Assessment and Treatment I
  • Adult Communication Disorders: Assessment and Treatment II
  • Other Communication Disorders: Assessment and Treatment I
  • Other Communication Disorders and Swallowing Disorders: Assessment and Treatment II
  • Research Project I
  • Research Project II

Clinical Education Subjects

  • ​Clinical Practicum I
  • Clinical Practicum II
  • Clinical Practicum III
  • Clinical Practicum IV
  • Clinical Practicum V
  • Clinical Practicum VI
  • Clinical Practicum VII
  • Case Conference
  • Professional Ethics and Issues

Information on the subjects offered can be obtained at www.cbs.polyu.edu.hk/MST.html.


(The above subject list is subject to revision.)

Entrance Requirements

  • ​A Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent from a recognised institution.
  • Applicants should satisfy one of the following requirements in English proficiency:
    • The Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKALE) English Language Grade D or above;
    • The Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE) Level 5 or above;
    • TOEFL (600 paper version, 100 Internet version, or above); or
    • IELTS 7.0 or above
  • ​Applicants should possess Chinese language proficiency at a level equivalent to The Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE) Chinese Language Grade D or above; or the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE) Level 4 or above.
  • Applicants should be able to communicate verbally in both Cantonese and English effectively, and proficiency in Mandarin (Putonghua) is preferred.


Those who have a Bachelor's degree in linguistics, psychology, speech and language sciences, or health-related disciplines are preferred.

Other Information

Media of Instruction:
English (supplemented by Cantonese and Mandarin for Cantonese-speaking and Mandarin-speaking clients in the clinical placements)


For further information on academic matters, please contact:
the Programme Leader, Dr Leung Man-tak (tel: (852) 2766 4756; email: mantak.leung@polyu.edu.hk).


For general information, please contact:
Ms Natalie Tang (tel: (852) 2766 7829; email: natalie.tang@polyu.edu.hk).