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Higher Diploma in Applied Physics

Sept 2019 Entry
Programme code: JS3014

Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles
Department of Applied Physics
Mode of Study Full-time

Normal Duration

2 years

Credit Required for Graduation


Programme Intake 51
Fund Type Government-Funded

Programme Leader(s)

Dr C.H. Lam
BSc, PhD

Aims & Characteristics

Programme Aims & Learning Outcomes

Students gain comprehensive foundation knowledge and skills in applied physics, instrumentation and materials technology.


The broad-based design of the programme enables graduates to seek promising careers in the following sectors:

  • Industries that use advanced technology based on scientific instrumentation;
  • Industries that require the specification, selection and processing of metals, ceramics, plastics and advanced materials; and
  • The sales and service areas of commercial or trading companies that deal with high-technology equipment and materials.


The programme provides a route of articulation to degree programmes.


Programme Characteristics

This programme is unique in Hong Kong and has a long history since 1978.  Many of our graduates have already reached senior positions in the industrial and commercial sectors.

The broad-based design of the programme enhances the competitiveness and adaptability of our graduates in the dynamic economic and technological environment of Hong Kong.


Graduates can also pursue further studies in many different fields at local and overseas universities.

Recognition & Prospects

Career Prospects

Our graduates work in a variety of areas from education to manufacturing and service in industrial sectors and government organisations. They take up a wide variety of positions, such as engineers in testing laboratory, electronic engineers, materials engineers, sales engineers, quality assurance engineers, reliability engineers, customer service engineers, product engineers, project engineers, instructors, computer engineers, programmers, IT officers, technical officers and technicians. Their choices of career are diverse and flexible and some of them pursue further studies in universities.


  • Students study subjects in three major areas, which include applied physics, materials science/technology and scientific instrumentation.
  • Year One subjects include Core Subjects, in addition to Mathematics, English, Chinese and broadening subjects.
  • Year Two focuses on more advanced Core Subjects and includes an Innovation Project.
  • Information on the subjects offered can be obtained at www.polyu.edu.hk/ap.

Entrance Requirements and Subject Weightings

Satisfy the University's General Entrance Requirements.

There is no compulsory subject requirement. Preferred subject(s) with the highest weighting for admission score calculation include(s):

  • Chinese Language
  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics (Extended part - Calculus and Statistics)
  • Mathematics (Extended part - Algebra and Calculus)
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Combined Science: Biology + Chemistry
  • Combined Science: Biology + Physics
  • Combined Science: Physics + Chemistry

Admission Score Calculation Mechanism for the Current Admission Exercise

Chinese & English Languages + Any Best 3 Subjects

Average HKDSE Scores of Admittees

2016-17: 18.1 (Chinese & English Languages + Any Best 3 Subjects)

2017-18: 19.1 (Chinese & English Languages + Any Best 3 Subjects)

2018-19: 18.2 (Chinese & English Languages + Any Best 3 Subjects)



For further programme information, please contact:
The General Office (email: apdept@polyu.edu.hk).