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Higher Diploma in Chemical Technology

Sept 2019 Entry
Programme code: JS3040

Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles
Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology
Mode of Study Full-time

Normal Duration

2 years

Credit Required for Graduation


Programme Intake 48
Fund Type Government-Funded

Programme Leader(s)

Dr Cheung Kwong-chak, Gary
BSc, PhD


  • The credit requirements of this programme are indicative only and subject to review.
  • To recognise the outstanding academic performance of HKDSE students, the Department will grant entry scholarship to eligible HKDSE students admitted to the programmes via JUPAS. The award criteria of the scholarship are listed in the information sheet, which is subject to change and will be announced on the same website in due course.

Aims & Characteristics

Programme Aims & Learning Outcomes

A solid background in applied chemistry prepares graduates for careers in the industrial, business and public sectors as well-trained senior technicians, technologists or professional salespeople. This programme enhances the career prospects of those who wish to be trained in chemical technology. It helps students to develop creative thinking, analytical skills, independent learning/work skills and high levels of competitiveness.


Programme Characteristics

This programme emphasises the contribution of chemistry to Hong Kong and the Greater China region. Additional subjects are available to develop students' skills in communication and chemical analysis. The programme also prepares students for further studies at the degree level in Hong Kong or overseas.

Recognition & Prospects

Career Prospects

Graduates can work in production, quality control, waste treatment, environmental management and research and development.


  • The programme includes the University's core curriculum and training in industrial chemistry, process technology and basic chemistry.
  • Year One studies focus on the University's core curriculum and underpinning subjects common to science students and basic chemical principles with laboratory skills.
  • Year Two studies focus on the applications of chemistry in industrial and commercial sectors, including polymers, environmental chemistry and analytical chemistry.
  • Information on the subjects offered can be obtained at www.polyu.edu.hk/~abct.

Entrance Requirements and Subject Weightings

Satisfy the University's General Entrance Requirements.

There is no compulsory subject requirement. Preferred subject(s) with the highest weighting for admission score calculation include(s):

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Combined Science: Biology + Chemistry
  • Combined Science: Biology + Physics
  • Combined Science: Physics + Chemistry

Relevant Applied Learning subject(s) that can be considered for meeting the University entrance requirement and admission score calculation is/are:

  • Medical Laboratory Science
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Health Care Practice
  • Health and Beauty Keeping in TCM
  • Fundamental Health Care
  • Exercise Science and Health Fitness
  • Events Planning and Operation
  • Foundation in Chinese Medicine

Admission Score Calculation Mechanism for the Current Admission Exercise

Chinese & English Languages + Any Best 3 Subjects

Average HKDSE Scores of Admittees

2016-17: 19.5 (Chinese & English Languages + Any Best 3 Subjects)

2017-18: 19.5 (Chinese & English Languages + Any Best 3 Subjects)

2018-19: 19.3 (Chinese & English Languages + Any Best 3 Subjects)



For further programme information, please contact:
The General Office (tel: 3400 8689; email: carol.tsang@polyu.edu.hk).