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Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering

Sept 2019 Entry
Programme code: 43499-SYM

Faculty of Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mode of Study Full-time

Normal Duration

2 years

Credits Required for Graduation

Normally 64 (plus 6 training credits) (See the Remarks section below)

Programme Intake

15 senior year places

Fund Type


Consider Second Choice Applications

Yes, but preference will be given to first choice applications.

Programme Leader(s)

Programme Leader

Dr Yao Hai Min
BEng, MEng, Dr.rer.nat.


Deputy Programme Leader

Dr An Liang


  • The curriculum of this programme, including the credit requirements, is subject to review.
  • The exact study duration and number of credits to be transferred will depend on the entry qualification of individual AD/HD admittees.

Aims & Characteristics

Programme Aims and Learning Outcomes

We aim to educate professional mechanical engineers who are able to apply up-to-date technology to solve and manage multidisciplinary engineering problems for various engineering/business sectors.

Upon completion of study, graduates of the programme are expected to:

  • Have learned to apply scientific principles, carry out engineering analysis and design to solve challenging problems that are typical in mechanical engineering;
  • Be able to use computers as tools to solve engineering problems;
  • Develop the ability to formulate technical problems mathematically and analyse engineering systems;
  • Be equipped with the ability to properly select the most suitable materials and methods that are safe, environmentally and aesthetically acceptable, and economically competitive for systems/products and their design and manufacture;
  • Build up the skills needed to think innovatively and creatively, to communicate effectively both in oral and written forms; and
  • Appreciate the ethical and societal responsibilities of engineers, the importance of lifelong learning, concepts of continuous quality improvement and the continued effect of the globalisation of the design, manufacturing and marketing of technical goods and services.



Programme Characteristics

After providing our students with a broad and solid foundation in areas including physics, mathematics, computing, engineering sciences, design and manufacture, they are able to apply these knowledge and skills to below disciplines:

  • Aerospace Engineering;
  • Design and Automation; or
  • Environmental and Energy Engineering.

Recognition & Prospects

Professional Recognition

The programme has been granted provisional accreditation by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE).



Career Prospects

Because of their broad and solid knowledge in engineering and the sciences, and their ability to apply their knowledge and skills to tackle complicated multidisciplinary engineering problems, our graduates are able to start their careers as mechanical engineers, design engineers, manufacturing and process engineers, service engineers, consultant engineers or project engineers. They can find excellent employment opportunities in the aviation and aeronautical engineering industries, public utility companies, the building services sector, engineering consultancy firms, the construction industry, the environmental, electronic and manufacturing industries, the information technology sector, government departments and educational institutions.


Students are admitted to the senior year of the 4-year degree programme. The number of credits required for graduation is 64 academic credits (plus 6 training credits)*.

As students may need to meet specific requirements at admission, the credits required for graduation will vary according to their academic backgrounds.

The 64 academic credits consist of 9 mandatory credits of General University Requirements (GUR) and 55 credits of Discipline-Specific Requirements (DSR).

Work-Integrated Education (WIE)

To graduate, every student must complete placement training for at least 2 full weeks in a suitable organisation as fulfillment of WIE. The Department has developed opportunities for students to work in firms in Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and abroad. These, and other forms of work experience, can count towards the WIE requirement.

Entrance Requirements

  • An Associate Degree in Engineering 
  • A Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or a related discipline.
  • In addition to academic results, preference will be given to those applicants with excellent performance during the interview. The interview aims to evaluate the potential for and interest of applicants in the programme, test their language and communication skills and their understanding of the industry.


For further programme information, please contact:

The General Office (tel: 2766 6657; email: mmquiry@polyu.edu.hk).