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Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design

Sept 2019 Entry
Programme code: 43499-SYP

Faculty of Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mode of Study Full-time

Normal Duration

2 years

Credits Required for Graduation

Normally 64 (plus 6 training credits) (see the Remarks section below)

Programme Intake

10 senior year places

Fund Type


Consider Second Choice Applications

Yes, but preference will be given to first choice applications.

Programme Leader(s)

Programme Leader

Dr Leung Chi Kin Randolph
BEng, PhD 


Deputy Programme Leader

Dr Tam Wai Yin Eunice
BEng, MEng, PhD 



  • The curriculum of this programme, including the credit requirements, is subject to review.
  • The exact study duration and number of credits to be transferred will depend on the entry qualification of individual AD/HD admittees.

Aims & Characteristics

Programme Aims and Learning Outcomes

This unique interdisciplinary programme aims to enable students to synthesise technology, design and business in the development of high value-added products. It provides graduates with the fundamental knowledge, skills, techniques and global insight needed to develop creative and innovative products that are competitively priced, meet international standards of quality, and can be successfully marketed.  Graduates become product design engineers, project engineers or engineering designers. They are expected to play important roles in switching Hong Kong's industry from comprising original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to innovative driven original brand manufacturers (OBMs).

Upon completion of study, graduates of the programme are expected to have the ability to:

  • Perform product design and development by considering market needs, technology and business constraints;
  • Apply scientific, mathematical, engineering and arts knowledge to analyse design problems; and
  • Manage product design and development projects.



Programme Characteristics

The programme provides comprehensive education and training in the design and analysis of successful new products from which graduates are able to synthesise product design, technologies and business to produce successful new products that satisfy market needs.

Adopting the learning outcome-oriented, integrative and interest-based teaching and learning approaches, the programmes helps students to develop their knowledge in product design and development, marketing and their communication, teamwork, management and self-learning skills. Graduates are able to play leading roles in industries by virtue of their well-balanced education and practical training in product design and development.

Recognition & Prospects

Professional Recognition

The programme has been granted provisional accreditation by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE).



Career Prospects

Graduates of the BEng PAED have excellent opportunities to start their careers in the product design and development, engineering consultancy, environmental engineering and manufacturing sectors. Because of their ability to integrate engineering with product design and their experience in performing design projects, our graduates are competent to work as design engineers or project coordinators. The programme provides graduates with very good foundations in mechanical engineering and it applications, and product and system design. Thus, our graduates are able to start their careers as mechanical engineers.

In addition to serving the community and industry as engineers, developing their own businesses is also a possible career for our graduates.  Making use of their knowledge in business, marketing and product innovation, some graduates start their own businesses in the design and development of new products.


Students are admitted to the senior year of the 4-year degree programme.  All students are required to take subjects in the areas of engineering design and analysis, which reinforce their knowledge of designing high value-added and innovative products. Major focus is placed on the use of computer-aided tools to simulate the function and analyse the performance of products.

In the final year, students are provided an opportunity to select specialised subjects in areas such as artificial intelligence in products, development of green products and product testing technology to expose them to the up-to-date technologies and skills for designing, developing and engineering new products. During the final year, students are required to conduct an industry-based Final Year Project, which is a cross-semester project with 6 credits. They are required to conduct marketing research and analysis, devise conceptual and engineering designs, and undertake product function and safety analyses. In general, a prototype is required to demonstrate the functionality and usability of the product.

Entrance Requirements

  • An Associate Degree or a Higher Diploma in Engineering, Product Design or relevant disciplines.
  • In addition to academic results, preference will be given to students with excellent performance in the interview session. The interview is an opportunity to evaluate the applicant's common knowledge in product and engineering design, enthusiasm about the field and communication skills.


For further programme information, please contact:

The General Office (tel: 2766 6657; email: mmquiry@polyu.edu.hk).