Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies

Doctor of Philosophy / Master of Philosophy

Sept 2020 Entry


Our research programmes are designed to prepare students for a career in academic research and teaching. The programmes are broad-based and provide a rigorous foundation on which the students can build an academic career of their choice.


Our research programmes are:


  1. 2+3 Integrated Programme (2-year MPhil followed by a 3-year PhD programme) -  Student will first complete an MPhil programme. After successful completion of the MPhil programme, student will transit to the PhD programme. Hence, the MPhil programme is an integrated part of the PhD programme. The 2+3 Integrated Programme enables the student to train for longer, which improves his/her research knowledge, his/her research record, and increases his/her chances of obtaining a better academic position when he/she graduates.


  2. Direct-entry PhD Programme - Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) awardees and MPhil graduates of FB, PolyU will be admitted to the direct-entry PhD programme. Other students will normally enter the 2+3 Integrated Programme instead, so as to be trained for longer as indicated above.  


For details of programme structures and entrance requirements of the University and our Faculty, please refer to

Research Areas

Aviation Management and Economics

  • Air cargo markets, competitive airline schedules
  • Airport finance, congestion management, strategic partnerships between airlines: alliances and code-shares
  • Airport price regulation, airport concession businesses
  • Airport slots, airline networks, airline and airport competition, intermodal competition between airlines and high-speed rail companies

Maritime Law and Shipping Finance

  • Maritime law and legal policy
  • Marine insurance and risk management
  • Organisation management in shipping
  • Shipping financing and investment

Maritime Studies

  • Maritime and logistics information technology
  • Maritime and port economics
  • Maritime environment
  • Maritime safety and security
  • Regional competition in port and shipping
  • Shipping and port management

Operations Management

  • Data envelopment analysis, forecasting, scheduling
  • International operations, operation strategy, production planning and control
  • Linear and nonlinear optimisation, productivity analysis and technology management
  • Project management, quality management

Supply Chain Management

  • Contract design for supply chain coordination, Supply chain decision support system, Queueing and stochastic networks
  • Demand management, Auction and game theory, Customer relationship management, Risk management Simulation
  • Strategic planning for supply chain, Distribution channel management
  • Stochastics optimisation, Outsourcing and strategic alliance

Transport and Logistics Management

  • Facility layout and design, Warehousing and inventory management
  • Multi-mode logistics, Terminal Design and Operations
  • Network design and optimisation, Vehicle routing and dispatch
  • Transport economics, Revenue management in transport

Research Facilities

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Other Information

For enquiries, please contact:


Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies
Tel: (852) 3400 3628


Research and Postgraduate Studies Section, Faculty of Business
Tel: (852) 2766 7087

Supporting Documents

Academic Referee's Report

One Academic Referee’s report is compulsory, two are preferable.

Curriculum Vitae


Research Proposal


  • A standard form must be used for the submission of research proposal.  Please click here to download the form.
  • Please provide prior research work.

Transcript / Certificate



GMAT or GRE results are required. Applicants with a GMAT score below 600; or a GRE score below 150 for verbal reasoning component and/or below 162 for quantitative reasoning component must have a strong academic record and/or extensive experience in their interested field to demonstrate their research potential.