Department of Management and Marketing

Doctor of Philosophy / Master of Philosophy

Sept 2020 Entry


Our research programmes are designed to prepare students for a career in academic research and teaching. The programmes are broad-based and provide a rigorous foundation on which the students can build an academic career of their choice.

Our research programmes are:

  1. 2+3 Integrated Programme (2-year MPhil followed by a 3-year PhD programme) -  Student will first complete an MPhil programme. After successful completion of the MPhil programme, student will transit to the PhD programme. Hence, the MPhil programme is an integrated part of the PhD programme. The 2+3 Integrated Programme enables the student to train for longer, which improves his/her research knowledge, his/her research record, and increases his/her chances of obtaining a better academic position when he/she graduates.


  2. Direct-entry PhD Programme - Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) awardees and MPhil graduates of FB, PolyU will be admitted to the direct-entry PhD programme. Other students will normally enter the 2+3 Integrated Programme instead, so as to be trained for longer as indicated above.


For details of programme structures and entrance requirements of the University and our Faculty, please refer to



Research Areas


Prof. Wu LIU
3400 3954
  • Business ethics
  • Corporate environmental management
  • Cross-cultural management
  • Employee commitment
  • Innovation management
  • Leadership
  • Organisational justice
  • Proactive behaviours
  • Public sector management
  • Reward strategies
  • Social networks
  • Strategic HRM
  • Stress and Health
  • Voice and citizenship behaviours
  • Work-family conflict
  • Work teams

Management Information Systems

Prof. W.T. Eric NGAI 
2766 7296
  • Big data management
  • Blockchain technology management
  • Decision support systems
  • E-commerce
  • ICT adoption
  • IT strategies
  • Social computing
  • Web-based supply chain management systems


Dr Fang Flora GU
2766 4017
Prof. Yuwei JIANG
3400 3948
  • Consumer information processing
  • Consumer judgment and decision making
  • Consumer psychology
  • Customer relationship management
  • Digital marketing
  • International marketing
  • Marketing strategy
  • Omni-channel management
  • Pricing and competitive strategies
  • Pro-social consumer behaviour
  • Quantitative marketing modelling
  • Relationship marketing
  • Sensory marketing
  • Services marketing
  • Social influence on consumer behaviour
  • Theoretical marketing modelling

Research Facilities

Asian Centre for Branding & Marketing (ACBM), Department of Management and Marketing

The ACBM conducts research on branding and marketing related issues to promote an enhanced understanding of the value creation process and business performance. The ACBM adopts interdisciplinary and cross-functional approaches to produce cutting-edge branding and marketing research with both academic and practitioner relevance. The Centre is a knowledge-sharing platform to facilitate the transfer of ideas and practice among design professionals, consultants, business leaders and academics, leading to innovative branding and marketing strategies and programmes for Hong Kong, the Pearl River Delta and the Asia Pacific region.

Centre for Leadership & Innovation (CLI), Department of Management and Marketing

The CLI draws on the diverse expertise of the Faculty and the knowledge and experience of the local and international academic and business communities. It adopts an integrated approach to the advancement of research, teaching and consultancy in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership and strategic management. The centre organises research activities and provides service to industry. Such activities include seminars, workshops and collaborative projects within and outside the university. Its services include consultancy, management training and executive coaching.

Behavioural Research Lab, Department of Management and Marketing


The Behavioural Research Lab (BRL) is managed by the Department of Management and Marketing and is available for all faculty members, PhD students and research personnel from across the university to conduct leading-edge business related research.

The BRL is dedicated to the understanding of human behaviour in markets and organisations. Research conducted in this lab explores some of the most fascinating and complex questions regarding how people understand the world, interact and make decisions.

The BRL offers world-class software (Qualtrics, eye tracking software, face reading software, etc.) and a range of services, and includes 20 cubicles, 2 general research rooms, a computer lab, a sound-isolated PC Cube and a meeting room. The space can be adjusted to meet the needs of studies conducted in a controlled environment. Researchers are able to conduct a variety of studies using a broad range of research methods, including computer-based surveys, tasks or games and discussion-based experiments and focus groups in this lab. Participants learn about important social scientific questions and techniques while being compensated for their time.

Other Information

For enquiries, please contact:

Department of Management and Marketing
Tel: (852) 2766 7113 / 2766 7119

Research and Postgraduate Studies Section, Faculty of Business
Tel: (852) 2766 7087

Supporting Documents

Academic Referee's Report

Compulsory - Two Academic Referee's Reports are required

Curriculum Vitae


Employer's Recommendation


Research Proposal


  • A standard form must be used for the submission of research proposal.  Please click here to download the form.
  • Please provide prior research work.

Transcript / Certificate



GMAT or GRE results are required.