Interdisciplinary Division of Aeronautical and Aviation Engineering

Doctor of Philosophy / Master of Philosophy

Sept 2021 Entry


The Interdisciplinary Division of Aeronautical and Aviation Engineering (AAE) was established in July 2016 to consolidate and to take charge in leading the development of the field of aeronautical and aviation engineering by amalgamating the experts in the Faculty and the industry.


AAE strives to play a leading role to bridge the innovative research and development in the field of aviation and aeronautical with the needs and demand of the aviation and aerospace industry. The close collaboration with the industry, together with the excellent facilities and staff expertise, enable the sustainable growth and competitiveness of our various stakeholders including students and industrial partners.


There are 6 main research areas:


  • Aerodynamics
  • Aerospace Propulsion and Combustion
  • Aerospace Structures and Materials
  • Aviation Engineering
  • Flight Mechanics and Control
  • Satellite Communication and Navigation

Research Areas


Supervisor Specialisation
Prof. C.Y. Wen
Aerothermodynamics and boundary layer transition of hypersonic/supersonic vehicles; Shock/droplet and shock/bubble interactions; Applications of DBD actuators on flow control; Experimental fluid mechanics and CFD; Numerical simulations and assessment of urban wind field and air pollution
Dr Jiaao Hao
High-Speed Aerodynamics; Hypersonic Nonequilibrium Flows; Shock-Wave/Boundary-Layer Interactions; Computational Fluid Dynamics

Aerospace Propulsion and Combustion

Prof. C.Y. Wen
UAV/MAV technology research and development

Prof. Simon Yu

Turbulent mixing; Applied fluid dynamics; Multi-phase flows; Starting jet phenomenon

Aerospace Structures and Materials

Supervisor Specialisation
Dr Frank Zou
Non-destructive evaluation; Structural health monitoring; Ultrasonic testing; Corrosion; Functionalised nanocomposite materials
Dr Kai Wang
Aircraft structure-oriented structural health monitoring; Aircraft composites; Composites-guided ultrasonic wave propagation; Smart materials and sensors; Advanced composites and aircraft structure mechanics

Aviation Engineering


Dr K.H. Ng

Airside operation; Air traffic control; Operations research; Soft computing, optimisation methods and artificial intelligence; Human factors and ergonomic; Situation awareness and cognitive modelling

Flight Mechanics and Control

Dr Boyang Li
UAV/UAS design; Flight dynamics and control; Robotics; Path/Trajectory planning

Satellite Communication and Navigation

Dr L.T. Hsu
Global navigation satellite system; Beidou; Integrated navigation system; Autonomous driving; Simultaneous localisation and mapping

Dr Y.P. Jiang

Satellite navigation; Integrity monitoring; Augmentation systems; Sensor fusion
Dr Bing Xu
Signal processing; Satellite positioning and navigation; Interference detection and localisation; Wireless communications

Research Facilities

Please visit our website for more information about our research facilities.

Other Information

For full-time UGC quota PhD admission, preference will be given to applicants who apply for the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme, for which the application period starts in early September each year. All research postgraduate applicants are recommended to approach potential supervisors and preferably, put their names on the applications. For details, please refer to Research Areas or AAE website:

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