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Sept 2021 Entry


Since its foundation in 1937, the Department has become internationally recognised as a leader in providing professional education for the building and real estate industry in the region and beyond. With our dedication to excellence, we have a multi-disciplinary team of faculty members who possess expertise in their respective fields of surveying, engineering, construction health and safety, town planning, building technology, real estate, finance, law and economics. Committed to a variety of quality research projects and consultancies, we are well-known for our research strengths in construction and building technologies. To facilitate knowledge transfer and networking, we actively maintain strong bonds with the industry and our alumni, many of whom are senior staff in government departments leading consultancy practices and private enterprises.


Dedicated to fundamental and high impact research related to sustainable urban development in densely populated cities, the Department has identified three major focuses, namely: Construction Health and Safety, Digital Construction and Sustainable Urban Systems, which embrace the expertise of most of the staff members. Projects with significant societal impacts are encouraged and supported.

Research Areas

Construction and Real Estate Economics

Dedicated to the teaching of and research into construction and real estate economics, finance, planning and sustainability.

Supervisor Tel Email
Prof. HUI Chi Man Eddie  2766 5881
Dr FAN Ying 2766 5831
Dr SHEN Jianfu Jeff 2766 5828
Dr WONG Siu Wai Ivy 3400 8116

Construction and Real Estate Management

Dedicated to the teaching and research of construction and real estate management, with the aim of becoming the hub in the region and developing close links with the industry in pursuing collaborative research and high-level consultancy projects. Teaching and research areas include but are not limited to the following:


  • Assessment of buildability and constructability
  • Benchmarking performance for construction and real estate projects
  • Construction health and safety
  • Delivering construction and real estate projects successfully
  • Ethics and corporate responsibilities
  • Innovative project delivery approaches
  • Knowledge management
  • Maintenance and repair management
  • Partnering, Public-Private Partnerships and other forms of relational contracting
  • Quality management and assessment
  • Value management
Supervisor Tel Email
Prof. SHEN Qiping Geoffrey  2766 5817
Prof. CHAN Ping Chuen Albert  2766 5814
Prof. ZAYED Tarek 2766 5812
Dr CHAN Wai Ming Daniel 2766 4387
Dr FONG Sik Wah Patrick   2766 5801
Dr YU Tit Wan Ann 2766 5795
Dr SIU Ming Fung Francis 2766 5820
Dr DARKO Amos 2766 7806

Information and Construction Technology

Dedicated to the teaching and research of basic technological principles and skills, including both information technologies and appropriate construction technologies, which are necessary for the supervision of the construction of buildings and other structures.

Prof. LI Heng2766
Prof. NI Meng2766
Prof. YAM Chi Ho Michael2766
Dr FAN Hongqin2766
Dr SEO JoonOh2766
Dr WEI Hsi-Hsien3400
Dr KIM Minkoo2766
Dr CHI Hung Lin  2766

Urban Sustainability Policy

Dedicated to the teaching and research of policy and reform relating to the construction and real estate industry. Teaching and research areas include but are not limited to the following.


  • Conservation of built heritage
  • Construction law
  • Economic analysis of law (regulations and policies) relating to construction and real estate
  • Green buildings and sustainable urban development policies
  • Innovative contracting and disputes resolution strategies
  • Institutions and institutional changes
  • Land-use policy
  • Real estate market mechanism
  • Social sustainability
  • Urban governance
  • Urban planning
  • Urban studies
Supervisor Tel Email
Prof. CHAN Hon Wan Edwin 2766 5800
Dr YUNG Yiu Kwan Esther 3400 8196
Dr SUN Yi 2766 5565
Dr WONG Siu Wai Ivy 3400 8116

Research Facilities

Smart Construction Laboratory


The Smart Construction Laboratory has been providing industrial services covering and extending the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM), process simulation solutions and professional training to the construction industry.


Ng Wing Hong Laboratory for Sustainable City


This high-level laboratory provides an information technology infrastructure for examining the sustainable development of Hong Kong at the building and city level.

The laboratory facilitates the archiving, processing and retrieval of databases and information in multi-media formats.


Energy Laboratory


The laboratory provides facilities to support cutting-edge scientific research on advanced energy systems, such as high temperature fuel cells for energy conversion, metal air batteries for energy storage and electrochemical systems for low-grade heat harvesting. 


Building Technology Laboratory


The laboratory provides demonstration classes and hands-on building technology experiments on structural mechanics, concrete testing and non-destructive techniques for building diagnostics and inspection.


Multimedia Communication Centre


The Multimedia Communication Centre (MMCC) is an ideal learning platform for staff and students to develop their multimedia skills by providing a comprehensive set of multimedia equipment, the latest software, technical support and training programmes.


Project Studios


The two studios are interconnected with a sliding partition, so they can be used either as two separate rooms or combined into one. They are designed to provide specialist teaching rooms for group project work using the tools of the trade commonly found in construction firms.


IT Teaching Room


Students can use any of the PC stations in the IT Teaching Room on a first-come, first-served basis during non-teaching sessions.

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