Important Update: (Updated 08:33 am, Friday, May 27)

Our University has announced the learning, teaching and assessment (LTA) arrangements for Semester One, 2022/23. Please click here for details.


Research Postgraduate - Academic Year

For research students, each academic year is divided into three equal semesters and term (i.e. 4 months for each semester/term) as follows:


Semester One

Semester Two

Summer Term

1 September to 31 December

1 January to 30 April

1 May to 31 August


Students are required to commence their studies at PolyU and report study commencement at the General Office of the host department with the schedule as follows:


Semester One

Semester Two

Summer Term

1 September or 1st day of the semester, whichever is earlier

1st working day after 1 January

1st working day after 1 May


Notwithstanding of the new arrangement, RPg students should continue to follow the PolyU's academic calendar with regard to learning and teaching activities including subject registration, timetabling, add/drop period, etc.


There are two teaching semesters, each lasting for 13 weeks, and a 7-week summer term.  The teaching of Semester One starts in late August or early September.  The teaching of Semester Two commences in mid-January and that of Summer Term runs from May to July.


Please click here for details of the PolyU's academic calendar.