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General Information

1. What are the differences between Research programmes (PhD or MPhil) and Taught Postgraduate programmes? +
2. What is the eligibility for PhD or MPhil admission? What are the English-language requirements? +
3. When do I need to apply? How can I obtain the application materials? +
4. How much is the tuition fee? +
5. Am I eligible for a research studentship? +
6. Am I eligible to apply for hall residence? +
7. Who are non-local students? +
8. As a non-local student, am I allowed to take up a study programme in Hong Kong? +
9. When should I apply for a student visa? Where can I get information about student visas? +
10. Is financial assistance available for non-local students? +
11. Can non-local students take up internships and part-time jobs? +

Before You Apply

12. What are the procedures for submitting an application? +
13. How many research areas can I select in an application? +
14. Can I apply to more than one department? +
15. Will you accept my application and supporting documents prepared and submitted by an agent or consultant? +
16. Do I have to list all of the schools and institutions I have attended? +
17. How much is the application fee and how should I pay it? +
18. What should I do if I do not have my results/transcripts/certificates when I submit an application to PolyU? +
19. Is it necessary to provide a referee’s report together with my application? +
20. How can I upload my supporting documents? What is the format of supporting documents to be uploaded? +
21. Can I make changes to the application or submit supporting documents after submission? +

After You have Applied

22. How can I get my application number? +
23. When will I be notified of an admission offer? How do I know if I have been admitted? +

When You Receive an Admission Offer

24. What should I do to accept an admission offer? +
25. Do I need to submit the original of my academic certificates and full official transcripts? How should my academic certificates and full official transcripts be submitted? +
26. My institution will release transcripts to me but not to the institution to which I am applying. Will you accept transcripts submitted by me? +
27. How can I submit the original English language test (i.e. IELTS/TOEFL) scores and other test/exam (i.e. GMAT/GRE) results? +
28. How do I know if I am qualified to receive a research studentship? +