Research Postgraduate - Important Notes to Applicants

Useful Tips for Applying to PolyU


  1. Explore our research programmes and research areas to help you identify your research interest(s).
  2. Review the admission requirements and read all of the information posted on the Study@PolyU website.
  3. Discuss your research interest(s) with the research personnel of the academic department(s) concerned.
  4. Prepare scanned copies of supporting documents (e.g., academic certificates and transcripts for undergraduate and/or postgraduate studies, research proposal) for your online application.
  5. Provide your current email address in your online application.
  6. Submit your online application and settle the application fee before the application deadline via eAdmission.
  7. Check your emails regularly and keep up to date with your application status via eAdmission.


Check Application Period


The eAdmission accepts applications for admission in the application period specified in the table below. Some departments may set their own schedules for admission to their research programmes. Please click here to view the application deadline for individual programmes.




Application Periods

(Note: Please observe the lead time for application submission below)

2022/23 Semester One (September 2022 Entry)  

Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme





Initial Application to the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong

1 September 2021 to 1 December 2021 (HKT 12:00 noon GMT +8 hours)


Application to PolyU

1 September 2021 to 1 December 2021 (HKT 11:59 p.m. GMT + 8 hours)

PolyU Research Postgraduate Programmes

1 September 2021 to 31 May 2022

2022/23 Semester Two (January 2023 Entry)  

PolyU Research Postgraduate Programmes

1 February 2022 to 30 September 2022

2022/23 Summer Term (May 2023 Entry)  
PolyU Research Postgraduate Programmes 1 May 2022 to 31 January 2023


Lead Time for Application Submission


Non-local applicants: 4 months before the commencement date of semester/term

Local applicants: 3 months before the commencement date of semester/term


Please refer to this link for the commencement date of each semester/term.


Meet Admission Requirements


If you have not met the admission requirements when you apply to PolyU, please indicate the date when your academic qualifications and/or English language test scores will become available in your online application.


Upload Supporting Documents


In addition to uploading scanned copies of the required certificate(s) and transcript(s) in support of the qualifications and results stated in your online application, you will need to upload all of the supporting documents specifically required for the programme to which you are applying.  Please refer to Supporting Documents for Application for details.  Failure to upload the supporting documents may affect your likelihood of admission or prolong the application process.  If these documents are not in English or Chinese, you must provide officially translated documents in English; otherwise, your application may not be considered.  


If you have not yet graduated and cannot provide a final result certificate when submitting your online application, please update the relevant sections of the online application form and upload the document(s) indicating your latest results once they are available.


If you are given an offer or a conditional offer of admission, you will need to ask each university/institution you have attended (except for PolyU) and the relevant test provider(s), as stated in your online application, to send certified copies of your academic certificate(s), official transcript(s) and score report(s) directly to the University.  Failure to do so or any discrepancies found may lead to the nullification of your admission offer and registration at the University.


Provide Academic References


If you choose to apply for the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme, you must invite two academics who are familiar with your academic performance and achievements to complete online academic referee's reports before the application deadline.  After you have submitted your online application, a system-generated email invitation will be sent to your referees inviting them to complete an online academic referee's report.  Please provide complete and accurate information on your referees, including their email addresses, in your online application.


If you choose to apply for admission to a research postgraduate programme at PolyU, please refer to Supporting Documents for Application and check whether the programme in which you are interested requires you to provide details of the academic referees you have nominated to complete online academic referee's reports before the application deadline.


Confirm Application Submission


An application number will be assigned to you and shown on your online application once you have successfully submitted your application.  Please make sure that you write down your application number somewhere safe.  You will need it in future correspondence with us.


Please proofread your input and uploaded documents thoroughly before submission.  Any errors or incorrect information provided in your online application may cause delays in processing your application or lead to the rejection of your application.



Pay the Application Fee


The application fee for admission to research postgraduate programmes is HK$300.  This fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable.  You must settle the application fee upon submission of your online application.  Otherwise, your application will not be further processed.  You are advised to use Visa or MasterCard to do so.  Please click here to view the details of available payment methods.


Please note that other than the specified application fee, you are not required to pay any additional fees to any persons in connection with your online application.



Check Application Status and Result


Admission offers will normally be made between February and June (for September entry), June and October (for January entry), and November and February (for May entry).  You may log in to eAdmission to check your application status (e.g., notification of interview/test and admission offer) at any time.  If you are given an offer or a conditional offer of admission, you will receive an email notification and a Notice of Offer via eAdmission


If you wish to check the progress of your application, you may directly approach the academic department concerned.  Please click here for the contact details of the relevant academic departments.


Accept the Admission Offer


If you are given an offer or a conditional offer of admission, please complete the following procedures to confirm your acceptance:



Accept Admission Offer and Settle Registration Fee


Confirm your acceptance and pay a registration fee of HK$5,000 before the payment deadline specified in the online Notice of Offer via eAdmission.  



Apply for Student Visa (for Non-local Students)


Submit your completed visa application form (ID995A) with all of the required supporting documents to PolyU within 10 working days of the issuance date of the offer or conditional offer of admission.  The guidelines for applying for a student visa can be downloaded from the online Notice of Offer.



Send Documents to Verify Your Qualifications


Send official proof of all of the qualifications (except those obtained from PolyU) stated in your online application to PolyU for verification.  All official documents must be sent directly by the issuing authorities to PolyU and received before you register at PolyU in August.  Please note that the official documents submitted will not be returned.


Official Proof of Qualifications (Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies)


Arrange for certified copies of your degree certificate(s)/diploma(s) and final official transcript(s) to be sent directly by the issuing authority to PolyU.  Every final official transcript should include the final grade or classification and date of award.


* Certified copies of degree certificates/diplomas should have original stamps and be duly certified by the Registrar or by an authorised official of your university.


Score Report for GMAT, GRE, IELTS or TOEFL


Arrange for your official score report to be sent directly by the test provider to PolyU.



Fulfil Admission Conditions (for Conditional Admission Offer Holders)


Fulfil the condition(s) that have been applied to your offer.  These may include satisfying academic conditions and providing English language test scores and/or degree results.  To fulfil the condition(s) of your offer, you must upload the official documentary proof of your final degree results and/or English language test score report and update the final degree results and/or English test scores via eAdmission before the deadline specified in the online Notice of Offer.  The sooner you can fulfil your condition(s), the better.



Register at PolyU


Complete online programme registration in August for September entry, in mid to late December for January entry or in mid to late April for May entry prove your identity (you will need to bring your Hong Kong Identity Card or passport/travel document with a valid e-Visa and the landing slip issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department) upon collection of your student card on/before the study commencement date.  Please note that you may proceed with your online programme registration once you have fulfilled the condition(s) for admission and your qualifications have been verified.



Read Student Handbook


All regulations and procedures relating to the study of Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Philosophy degrees are listed in the Research Student Handbook.  Please click here to view the Handbook.  It is important for you to read through the Research Student Handbook and make sure that you understand the regulations and procedures stipulated by the University.