Tuition Fee and Registration Fee


Tuition Fee


The fees, which are non-refundable and subject to revision, for new students admitted to our research programmes are as follows.


Annual tuition fee


HK$42,100 (UGC-funded students)

HK$84,200 (Non-UGC-funded students)



HK$21,050 (UGC-funded students)

HK$42,100 (Non-UGC-funded students)


Continuation fee for each semester beyond the normal study period




Examination fee

HK$1,900 (for PhD)

HK$1,500 (for MPhil)



Registration Fee


Upon acceptance of an admission offer to the PhD/MPhil programme, you will be required to pay a non-refundable and non-transferrable registration fee, irrespective of your mode of study. The registration fee is HK$5,000.


This registration fee will be credited towards the tuition fee payable upon admission to the University. Scholarship recipients who are not required to pay a tuition fee will be refunded the registration fee after admission. Requests for waiver or deferred payment of the registration fee will not be considered. The admission offer will lapse automatically if the student fails to pay the registration fee by the stipulated deadline.