Master of Science in International Shipping and Transport Logistics

Sept 2017 Entry
Programme code: 44087

Duration & Credit Requirement

Stream Code


Mode of Study
Normal Duration

2 years

Credits Required for Graduation

45 (39 academic credits and 6 training credits)

Fund Type
Initial Registration Credits


Tuition Fee

Covered by The Hong Kong Maritime and Logistics Scholarship Scheme

Programme Leader(s)

Programme Director

Dr Venus Lun

  • Funding Type: Self-financed but supported by the Hong Kong Maritime and Logistics Scholarship (for scholarship recipients ONLY)
  • Candidates are required to submit an application for admission to the programme online together with the application for the Scholarship.
  • The MSc in International Shipping and Transport Logistics (Mixed-mode) (44087-IFM/IPM) (33 credits) is another programme available for application. Please click here for details.
  • Applications for the two programmes are processed separately, and the application fee is non-transferable.
  • Note to Applicants
    Please complete all relevant fields and enclose necessary documents. Incomplete applications cannot be processed promptly.

Aims & Characteristics

Programme Aims

This full-time stream of the MScISTL trains professionals in the shipping- and logistics-related sectors. It is designed to help them bring about modern and cost-effective reform in the industry.


Our objectives are to:

  • Provide up-to-date and in-depth knowledge of shipping and logistics vital for the continued development of the industry and Hong Kong;
  • Develop capabilities to tackle complex multidisciplinary problems through covering a host of topics such as logistics, economics, finance, management, law, insurance, marketing, IT applications and China practices;
  • Nurture good practice and sound professional judgment by drawing upon the experience of practising professionals;
  • Develop the critical and analytical approach necessary to become a good decision maker; and
  • Prepare graduates for future advancement in the profession through self-development.



The programme embodies a sound balance between academic theory and professional practice. The combination of Compulsory Subjects with a choice of Electives plus the mandatory internship, reflects the multidisciplinary nature of the business and the diversity of the career paths students on the programme can pursue.


Within 3 calendar months after successfully completing the programme, scholarship recipients must commit to working full time in the Hong Kong maritime industry for a period of not less than twelve consecutive calendar months.

Recognition & Prospects

Graduates of the MSc in International Shipping and Transport Logistics programme are granted full exemption from the Qualifying Examination of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Hong Kong (CILTHK).


Graduates of the MSc in International Shipping and Transport Logistics programme are granted exemption on the following subjects of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS):

  • Introduction to Shipping
  • Legal Principles in Shipping Business
  • Logistics and Multimodal Transport (as long as logistics is taken and shown on the transcript)


Programme Structure

Scholarship recipients are provided with the core knowledge that is essential in the shipping, transport and logistics fields, and in-depth knowledge in selected specialised areas to suit their needs and aspirations. There is also an array of Elective Subjects that allow scholarship recipients to specialise in areas that would normally be impossible to cover in-depth within the time constraints of a first degree.


Students must complete 39 academic credits (5 Compulsory Subjects and 4 International Shipping Core Subjects and 4 Elective Subjects) and 6 training credits (240-hour Maritime Industry Internship) (exemption may be granted to local scholarship recipients with relevant internship/work experience). In terms of Elective Subjects, they can opt for a 9-credit Dissertation plus 1 Elective or a 6-credit Project plus 2 Electives.


Core Areas of Study (Subject to review)

The following is a summary of the core areas of study. Detailed information will be provided upon registration.


Compulsory Subjects+

  • Finance for Shipping & Logistics 
  • International Logistics Systems, Operations & Management
  • Organisational Management in Shipping & Logistics
  • Shipping Law
  • Supply Chain Management


International Shipping Core Subjects+

  • Port Policy & Management
  • Law & Practice in Maritime Insurance
  • Liner Shipping Management
  • Ship Chartering Strategies


Elective Subjects+

  • Accounting for Managers
  • Admiralty Law
  • Airline Strategic Management
  • Airport Business Management
  • Air Transport Logistics & Management
  • Air Transport Regulatory Policy
  • Applications of Decision Making Models
  • Aviation Marketing
  • Aviation Safety Management
  • Contract Management
  • Decision Support Modelling for Courier & Freight Management
  • Derivatives & Risk Management in Shipping
  • E-Commerce
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Environmental Logistics
  • Intermodal Transport Management
  • Logistics Information Systems/Information Systems for Supply Chain Management
  • Managing Operations Systems
  • Maritime Arbitration Law
  • Maritime & Port Environment
  • Maritime Logistics
  • Models for Decision Making
  • Port Economics
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management in Operations
  • Research Methods 
  • Shipping Economics & Markets
  • Statistics for Management
  • Strategic Procurement Management
  • Strategic Value & Cost Management
  • Transport Logistics in China
  • Warehousing & Material Handling Systems/Warehousing & Materials Management
  • Dissertation/Project^


Mandatory Training Subject

  • Maritime Industry Internship


Information on the subjects offered can be obtained at


Subjects are offered according to class quota availability.

^ Each subject counts for 3 credits, while the Dissertation and Project are worth 9 credits and 6 credits, respectively. These two subjects are mutually exclusive.

Entrance Requirements

Local Applicants

  • A Bachelor's degree in any discipline.


Chinese mainland and Overseas Applicants

  • A Bachelor's degree in International Shipping or Maritime Studies or other relevant disciplines with:
    i)  English being the medium of instruction;
    ​ii) English not being the medium of instruction, then applicants are also required to meet either one of the following requirements:

    • An IELTS Academic Test with a score of at least 6; or
    • A TOEFL Internet-based test score of at least 80, including a score of at least 20 in the Test of Written English; or
    • A TOEFL paper-based test score of at least 550, including a score of at least 4.5 in the Test of Written English.

Other Information

  • Suitable candidates may be invited to attend admission interviews.
  • Subjects are offered in a variety of modes, including weekday evenings, daytime or weekends.
  • Scholarship recipients in breach of any of the following conditions must refund the scholarship amount received in full to the Scholarship Scheme:

    • Recipients are not allowed to concurrently hold any other local merit-based incentive during the studies of the programme;
    • Recipients are required to complete the programme, covering 39 academic credits and 6 training credits of the Maritime Industry Internship (exemption may be granted to local scholarship recipients with relevant internship/work experience); and
    • Within 3 calendar months of successful completion of the programme, recipients must start working full-time in the maritime industry in Hong Kong for a period of not less than twelve consecutive calendar months.
  • Each scholarship recipient is required to sign an undertaking that will form a contract between the recipient and the Scholarship Scheme.
  • Student visa, accommodation and other information for non-local students:


For further information, please contact:
Tel: (852) 2766 7409 / (852) 2766 5508 


For information on academic matters, please contact: 
Mr Owen Tang, Programme Manager (tel: (852) 2766 4782; email:; 
or Dr Venus Lun, Programme Director (tel: (852) 2766 7407; email:

Student Message

I liked this programme because it offered many different kinds of topics, such as logistics and transportation. It was very interesting, especially for international students. You will also have a lot of opportunities to stay in Hong Kong and to work here.

Dechant Irina

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