Master of Science in China Business Studies

Sept 2019 Entry
Programme code: 02006

Duration & Credit Requirement

Stream Code


Mode of Study
Normal Duration

1 year

Credits Required for Graduation


Fund Type
Initial Registration Credits


Tuition Fee

HK$227,400 per programme for local students
HK$277,800 per programme for non-local students

For students who demonstrate Chinese language proficiency and are exempt from 6 credits of Chinese language subjects, the tuition fees are HK$198,000 (local) and HK$248,400 (non-local).

Merit-based tuition fee waiver scholarships are available.

Programme Leader(s)

Programme Director

Dr Yang Lei

Deputy Programme Director

Dr Wing Lam


We have a quota for admissions. Early applications are strongly encouraged. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interviews.

For the latest interview schedule, please refer to the MSc CBS website.

An incomplete application cannot be processed promptly and would reduce your chance of admission. Please complete all relevant fields on the application form and upload all necessary documents.

Aims & Characteristics

Programme Aims

With relevant theories and up-to-date practical applications, the programme aims to equip students with systematic knowledge of business practices and the ability to analyse changes in government policies and regulations that affect business operations in China.


Learning Outcomes

On completion of the Programme, students will be able to strengthen their knowledge, skills and intellectual abilities as defined in the broad learning outcomes which are underpinned by the specific learning objectives below:

  1. Chinese Business Environment
    Learning Objective: Evaluate developments in the Chinese business environment, and their impact on both domestic and foreign business organisations.
  2. Business Ethics in China
    Learning Objective: Identify and analyse ethical issues related to doing business in China.
  3. Cultural Impact on China Business
    Learning Objective: Evaluate and be able to communicate the impact of culture on business and management practice, with particular emphasis on Sino-foreign business activities.
  4. Chinese Language
    Learning Objective: Demonstrate a basic understanding of Chinese language.



The programme is offered by the Faculty of Business and supported by the Faculty of Humanities at PolyU. It covers Chinese economic, social, legal, cultural, political, management, accounting and financial aspects.


The broadened curriculum includes Chinese language for international students and Chinese culture and cross-cultural management for all students.


The China Immersion Experience involves summer internships+ or a study tour+ in the country.


Students may conduct individual research projects with supervision from an international faculty.


Subject content, delivery and availability are subject to continuous review and change.

Recognition & Prospects

China's growth and integration into the world economy create opportunities for international business but foreign enterprises face the challenge of adjusting their way of doing business in China.


To thrive in Chinese business, understanding the market environment and the country’s policymaking is crucial, in addition to Chinese language and culture.


This programme is designed to provide students with a multi-dimensional understanding of Chinese Business.


Programme Structure (Subject to review and approval)

The programme is designed with a structured progression pattern, and students are highly encouraged to follow the pattern to benefit from cohort-based study and to graduate in one year. However, being credit-based, the programme allows students the flexibility to proceed at their own pace, while not exceeding the prescribed maximum study period.


The following is a range of subjects for selection.


Compulsory Subjects

Business and Culture (7 subjects for 24 credits)
Language (2 subjects for 6 credits)

  • China Immersion Experience@
  • Chinese I (for Non-Chinese speaking students)*
  • Chinese II (for Non-Chinese speaking students)*
  • Chinese Economy & Business Strategies
  • Cross-cultural Management
  • Essentials of Chinese Culture
  • Foreign Trade & Investment in China
  • Managerial Economics with an Application to China Business
  • The Legal System & Economic Law in China#


Elective Subjects^ 

(4 subjects chosen from the following for 12 credits)

  • Chinese III (for Non-Chinese speaking students)
  • Chinese Customs & Etiquette
  • Chinese Society & Culture Through Film
  • Encounters Between China & the West
  • Human Resource Management in China
  • Investments
  • Key Issues in China Business
  • Marketing in China
  • Political Economy of Policy Making in China
  • Research Methods & Market Research in China
  • Research Project in China Business Studies
  • Taxation Management in Hong Kong & China
  • Theory & Practice of Accounting in China
  • Total Quality Management


Information on the subjects offered can be obtained at the MSc CBS website.


@ The structure and content of  the "China Immersion Experience" are subject to continuous review and change.

* Students who demonstrate proficiency in the Chinese language can fulfil the subject requirements through credit transfer.

#This subject has been included in the list of reimbursable courses for Continuing Education Fund (CEF) purposes.

^ Students are required to undertake at least 3 credits (1 subject) but not more than 6 credits (2 subjects) of Electives concerning Chinese language, Chinese culture or literature.



(i) Programme structure, course names and content are subject to continuous review and change.

(ii) Not all subjects will be offered in a given year, subject to factors such as staff availability, student enrolment, programme resources and so on.

Entrance Requirements

  • A Bachelor's degree or equivalent professional qualifications in relevant fields of business;
  • Preference will be given to applicants with some work experience.


If you are not a native speaker of English, and your Bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification is awarded by institutions where the medium of instruction is not English, you are expected to fulfil the University’s minimum English language requirement for admission purpose. Please refer to the "Admission Requirements" section for Taught Postgraduate Programmes for details.

Other Information

No information is available at present.


For other information, please contact:
Research and Postgraduate Studies Section, Faculty of Business
Tel: (852) 3400 2583 or (852) 2766 7142


For information on academic matters, please contact:
Dr Yang Lei, Programme Director
Tel: (852) 3400 3457


Dr Wing Lam, Deputy Programme Director
Tel: (852) 2766 4541

Student Message

CBS helped me gain a new perspective on Chinese business by providing me with systematic knowledge of law, economics and management. It also broadened my vision and my professional and practical skills. The programme is a worthwhile investment.

FANG Jiayi

I really enjoyed what CBS brought me and appreciated the dedication of all the professors. The programme covered different areas relating to business, like economics, accounting, taxation and investment. It emphasised the Chinese culture and environment, dealing with guanxi, political economy and other topics.

PAN Hongsa

The CBS experience is unique. It is definitely the programme for people who are looking for a practice-oriented Master’s. There is a diversity of subjects, from law and economics, through Chinese society and culture, to films and everything else that can be useful for a career in China. After this Master’s, I look at the world in a different way.


Great academic atmosphere, professional teaching, practical insights, state-of-the-art practices, an international platform, cross-cultural interaction and business world immersion—these were what the CBS programme offered me. Through the three unforgettable semesters, not only had I gained wisdom but also precious friendships. It was very helpful in broadening my horizons, increasing my self-evaluation and for my future career development.

ZHANG Hengjia

The wide diversity of courses offered, from history and cross-cultural management to economics, accounting and finance as well as Mandarin Chinese, helped me understand better how to conduct business in China. The six-week internship in Shanghai gave me a deeper insight into the Chinese world.

SIEGMUND Judith Anne

This programme offered a wide range of courses covering law, economics, finance, trade, management and human resources. We looked at the differences between China and other cultures that I, as a Chinese person, had not realised. I gained far more than I expected from compulsory and elective courses and the study tour in the summer term. This one-year journey provided me with directions for my career development and enabled me to make great friends.


CBS was the perfect starting-point for me to study a diverse range of relevant subjects, while choosing assignment topics of my own interest and being supported by open-minded professors. My Chinese classmates helped me to acquire the most valuable interpersonal and intercultural skills, resulting in long-lasting friendships.

HENN Frederik Maria

Additional Documents Required

Programme Leaflet


Scholarship Application Form

Merit-based tuition fee waiver scholarships are available.


Transcript / Certificate


Info Seminar

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