Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Scheme in Design

Sept 2017 Entry

Programme code: JS3569

Duration and Credit Requirement

Mode of Study
Normal Duration

4 years

Credits Required for Graduation


Fund Type
Consider Second Choice Applications
Programme Leader(s)

Scheme Leader

Remi Leclerc
MDes Les Ateliers/ENSCI, ITRA

Programme Leader, BA(Hons) in Advertising Design

Francis Hung

Programme Leader, BA(Hons) in Communication Design

Brian Kwok
MA, MPhil

Programme Leader, BA(Hons) in Environment and Interior Design

Peter Hasdell
BSc (Arch), AA Dipl, RIBA, SAR

Programme Leader, BA(Hons) in Product Design

Lee Tak Chi
BA(Hons), FCSD (Life Fellow)

  • This programme does not consider second choice applications.
  • All applicants must submit their portfolios. Please download portfolios guidelines for preparation. Applications without portfolios will not be processed.
  • Students will be awarded one of the following titles upon successful fulfilment of the graduation requirements of the discipline concerned:
    • BA(Hons) in Advertising Design (Stream Code: AD);
    • BA(Hons) in Communication Design (Stream Code: CD);
    • BA(Hons) in Environment and Interior Design (Stream Code: EID); or
    • BA(Hons) in Product Design (Stream Code: PRD).

Aims and Characteristics

Programme Aims & Learning Outcomes

The BA(Hons) Scheme in Design offers students a design education that is attuned to new trends and is sensitive to change. We encourage dynamic thinking and independent learning, experimentation and questioning the status quo, and the willingness to take risks and break rules. The aim of the Scheme is to educate innovative problem-solvers, equipping them with the necessary intellectual, technical and managerial skills that will facilitate their development as designers who can invent new futures. We offer four design specialisms, including Advertising Design, Communication Design, Environment and Interior Design, and Product Design.


Programme Characteristics

Students applying for the Scheme may choose between four different design disciplines:

  • BA(Hons) in Advertising Design,
  • BA(Hons) in Communication Design,
  • BA(Hons) in Environment and Interior Design; and
  • BA(Hons) in Product Design.


The BA(Hons) Scheme in Design provides students with multiple learning environments to assist them in their development of specific design competencies and general transferable skills. While students will be given the flexibility to choose from different learning pathways, emphasis will be placed on interdisciplinary thinking and teamwork.


The School also encourages the development of creative thinking through independent learning, experimentation with creative and contextual research processes and the questioning of existing design paradigms. The programme networks with other leading design schools around the world provide students with the opportunity to participate in international collaborative projects and enroll on student exchange programmes. Overseas study visits, which students organise in concert with faculty, are offered as Electives. The School’s close relationship with the design industry allows students to engage in work-integrated projects with input from clients, as well as summer industrial placements.


The BA(Hons) Scheme in Design is normally undertaken over four years of full-time study.

  • Year One introduces students to their chosen disciplines and enthuses them about their study through subjects such as the Freshman Seminar. The year leads students to learn while providing a broadly based foundation in common design skills and thinking within a design discipline.
  • Year Two provides students with the opportunity to investigate the characteristics of the discipline they choose and explore interests and develop their strengths.
  • Year Three allows the study path to be consolidated in Design Studios and enriched by continued Discipline Specific Subjects, and co-operation with other students in multidisciplinary common Compulsory Subjects.
  • Year Four, the final year, develops students’ critical ability in design appreciation, the different perspectives of design thinking, and their own execution processes. They are increasingly allowed to negotiate project outcomes, while developing a personal portfolio of a professional standard. This year encourages personal development. Graduates are prepared for employment or for postgraduate studies.


The core study of the issue-based Design Studio subjects covers the themes ‘People – Common Place’, 'Culture – Asian Lifestyle’ and ‘Technology – Connected World’ to form the backbone of the humanistic-based teaching and learning mode of every Design programme in the Scheme.


The total credit requirement for graduation is 124, including 30 credits of General University Requirements Subjects, 20 credits of common Compulsory Subjects and 74 credits of Discipline-Specific Subjects and Electives.

Recognition and Prospects

Professional Recognition

Graduates are eligible for Diploma Membership of the Chartered Society of Designers in the UK (CSD).


Career Prospects

Graduates are equipped with the types of skills and knowledge needed to use design to help sustain a competitive economy and improve the world in which we live. They have a wide choice of careers as designers in the mainstream design industries or in alternative professional activities, as we extend their competencies in design thinking to the media, company management, design forecasting and social and economic planning.

Entrance Requirements

Please click here to view the entrance requirements for international applicants.


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Student Message

The PolyU School of Design (SD) has laid the foundation for my future career as a product designer in the global context. SD’s academic staff come from all around the world. They provided me with a holistic education in design and helped me to develop the qualities of an ethical designer. Studying at SD might not have been my only option, but it was the best choice I could have made.

LEE, Jun Seng, BA (Hons) in Product Design, graduate of 2016 (from Malaysia)

As someone with both a non-local and a non-design background, I was stunned by how quickly and comprehensively the PolyU School of Design’s BA programme helped me visualise a promising future for myself in the creative industry. The programme has effectively revealed what design is like as both a discipline and a profession. In addition, I have had the chance to learn and then master a new language – Cantonese – while building up my connections and cultural perspective around the Asia-Pacific region.

HU, Ting Hao, BA (Hons) in Communication Design, Year 4 student (from Taiwan)

Additional Documents Required

Portfolio Information Sheet


Transcript / Certificate


Interview Arrangement

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