Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physiotherapy

Sept 2017 Entry

Programme code: JS3636

Duration and Credit Requirement

Mode of Study
Normal Duration

4 years

Credits Required for Graduation

132 (including 23 clinical/field credits)

Fund Type
Consider Second Choice Applications
Programme Leader(s)

Dr William Tsang

  • This programme does not consider second choice applications.

Aims and Characteristics

Programme Aims & Learning Outcomes

This programme aims to produce qualified professionals who provide physiotherapy services to promote the health of clients, and to meet the healthcare needs of society. Graduates possess the knowledge, skills and professional attitudes that are required for the reliable, ethical and effective practice of physiotherapy. As lifelong learners and active consumers of the professional and scientific literature, graduates are able to fulfil their roles in developing the profession through continuing education and/or participating in investigative and evaluative projects. Their sense of social and professional responsibility is further recognised by their efforts to educate clients, the public and the next generation of therapists.


Programme Characteristics

The curriculum is forward looking with a strong scientific base. Clinical- and university-based education are integrated, using the latest teaching and learning resources.


Placement Opportunities

The Department aims to produce students with global perspectives, and actively encourages students to take opportunities to experience life overseas. The Department fully supports the principle of student exchange for clinical placements with overseas institutes. There are opportunities for Year Three/Four students to undertake 5-week clinical placements at overseas universities. In previous years, placements have been organised at the following universities: the University of Kentucky (USA), the University of Illinois (USA), Curtin University of Technology (Australia), the University of Queensland (Australia), Queens University (Canada), McGill University (Canada), the University of Toronto (Canada), Metropolitan University College (Denmark), JAMK University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Chang Gung University (Taiwan), the National Taiwan University (Taiwan), Nanyang Polytechnic (Singapore) and Haute École de Santé Vaud (HESAV) (Switzerland).


This is a 4-year full-time programme that involves university-based study and clinical education. The programme is comprised of 4 main groups of subjects in: basic sciences, professional studies, clinical education, and the university core curriculum. Clinical education is in the form of clinical placements, at hospitals, rehabilitation centres, special schools and institutions for the elderly. Students can also choose to take minor programme or free Electives according to needs, aspiration and abilities.  Information on the subjects offered can be obtained at



Recognition and Prospects

Professional Recognition

Graduates are eligible to register with the Physiotherapists Board of Hong Kong. They will require post-graduation physiotherapy experience and/or further postgraduate education to be considered for the registration with the Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand and the Health Professions Council in the UK (HPC).  Graduates are eligible to practise in Australia and North America after passing a licensing examination.


Career Prospects

Our graduates have a high rate of employment, with a wide range of options from acute care hospitals, special schools and homes for the elderly to community settings and private practice.


Physiotherapists can specialise, take up managerial positions or be involved in clinical education and research. Opportunities for higher degree studies such as in MSc, MPhil or PhD programmes are also available.


Graduates fulfil the normal entry requirements to become Physiotherapist II for the Hospital Authority, private organizations (private hospitals, private clinics, nursing homes and homes for the elderly), the Department of Health, the Education Bureau (special schools, early education and training centres), subvented non-government organizations and the Social Welfare Department (community centres, sheltered workshops and special childcare centres).

Entrance Requirements

Please click here to view the entrance requirements for international applicants.


Other Information

  • Applicants should be fit within normal range in fulfilling the physical requirements of physiotherapy practice.


For further programme information, please contact:

The General Office (tel: 2766 5399/2766 6719; email:

Student Message

It is a privilege to study at PolyU, the only local institution that offers a physiotherapy programme. Not only have I been provided with a challenging and wonderful experience as an international student, but I have also sharpened the professional skills I will need at work in the future. Professors with years of experience and a wide scope of knowledge offer excellent teaching, and PolyU provides top-notch facilities and resources to enhance our learning. The opportunity to study at PolyU has significantly broadened my horizons and opened doors for me to serve as a physiotherapist, both in Hong Kong and my home country. I believe that the time I spend here will equip me with the relevant knowledge and experience to serve competently as a physiotherapist, and to benefit society.

Lo Vun Hau

Studying abroad in the heart of Asia in Hong Kong is truly an eye-opening experience for me. It is the place where cultures meet and mingle. PolyU’s physiotherapy programme has offered me many opportunities to grow through service learning and practical and laboratory lessons. Not only do the professors provide theoretical knowledge and motivation, they also allow us to have hands-on experience, such as the cadaver in the anatomy laboratory. The teaching methods designed by my professors are all unique. We have the chance to enjoy world-class facilities such as anatomy laboratories and academic resources that enrich our learning experience. With the knowledge and professional skills learned, this programme will definitely help me become a competent physiotherapist. As for my extra-curricular life, the PolyU rowing team allows me to achieve balance between life and study. With an academic’s passion and a rower’s spirit, I really have a fruitful student life in Hong Kong.

Tham Yuen Yi

I chose the BSc(Hons) in Physiotherapy Programme at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University because I believe in using the concept of “West Meets East” to develop our professional health-care role as physiotherapists worldwide. The Physiotherapy programme offered here is challenging and inspiring, and offers students a taste of the incredibly various health care community settings that are offered in Hong Kong. The more we learn, the more we understand our career paths. I think Hong Kong is a great place to start the development of a life-long career.

Adriana Stjernkvist

With the long-term ambition of undertaking higher tertiary studies in Hong Kong, I was very fortunate and proud to enrol in the Physiotherapy programme at PolyU in 2014. PolyU is committed to providing the highest standards of teaching and learning that enable graduates to contribute to international communities as qualified physiotherapists. Despite the challenges I have faced as an international student, the fruitfulness and awesomeness of university life has helped me to adapt to and thrive in this new environment. In time I will fulfil my aspiration of pursuing a career in physiotherapy, which appeals strongly to me given its practical scientific emphasis, particularly in relation to improving people’s quality of life and well-being.

Law Yee Xi

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