Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in International Shipping and Transport Logistics

Sept 2020 Entry

Programme code: JS3674

Duration and Credit Requirement

Mode of Study
Normal Duration

4 years

Credits Required for Graduation

120 (plus 3 training credits)

Fund Type
Consider Second Choice Applications
Programme Leader(s)

Programme Leader

Ir Dr T. L. Yip

Deputy Programme Leader

Dr Kelvin Pang
BSc, MSc, PhD

  • This programme is offered within the BBA(Hons) Scheme.
  • The credit requirements of this programme are indicative only. They are subject to review.
  • All BBA(Hons) students must complete a short work placement during their studies, either in summer or during semester time. The Department provides assistance in finding suitable placements.

Aims and Characteristics

Programme Aims & Learning Outcomes

This programme provides a well-rounded business education, along with an opportunity to specialise in international shipping and logistics management. It enables students to acquire a wide knowledge of maritime transport and logistics within a general broad perspective of international transport and trade.


The programme fosters strong management skills, in areas including communication and presentation, leadership and teamwork, problem solving and the effective use of information technology. Graduates are equipped with the skills that are necessary to understand and manage maritime organizations and personnel.


Programme Characteristics

International shipping and transport logistics management is a lively and interesting subject to study, with an emphasis on developing practical skills and academic and professional knowledge.


There is a strong emphasis on interactive and student-centred learning methods, including case studies and simulation exercises. Local and international visits to companies and other organizations are arranged, and senior practitioners are invited as guest speakers to share their practical experiences with students.


All students within the Faculty of Business are encouraged to participate in the Whole Person Development Programme (WPDP), which includes a range of extracurricular activities, such as leadership training camps, peer tutoring, mentorship, and overseas and Chinese mainland exchanges.


Each student may be assigned a mentor who is an experienced executive or a manager in the business world and who can provide advice and support and help students to plan their careers and prepare for their first jobs after graduation.


If they wish, and subject to availability, BBA students can spend a semester studying at another university overseas or in the Chinese mainland and have the credits count towards their PolyU degree.


Work-Integrated Education (WIE)
To graduate, every student must complete 100 hours (3 training credits) of WIE. The Department has developed opportunities for students to work in firms either during the summer vacation or part-time. Summer placements may be found in Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland or overseas. These, and other forms of work experience, can count towards the WIE requirement.


This is a very flexible programme that offers a wide range of subject choices in the fields of international shipping and logistics management.


Year One covers the University Core Curriculum and fundamental business subjects, such as Leadership & Intrapersonal Development, Healthy Lifestyle, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Economics, Introduction to Statistics for Business, along with Broadening Subjects and Language and Communication Requirements Subjects.


From Year Two onwards, students continue their general business education by taking such subjects as Business Analytics and Strategic Management, and also study international shipping and logistics management in greater depth through such subjects as Shipping Logistics, Carriage of Goods Law, Marine Insurance, Shipbroking & Chartering Management, and Shipping Finance. Students have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of Elective Subjects in international shipping and logistics. They also have the chance to integrate their knowledge through the one-year-long capstone project in the final year of study.


Along with a Major in International Shipping and Transport Logistics, students can take a Minor, either in another business programme or in a non-business programme.

Recognition and Prospects

Professional Recognition

Graduates are granted full exemption from the Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE) (Logistics Stream) of The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Hong Kong (CILTHK).


Graduates are also granted partial exemption from the qualifying examinations of the following professional bodies:

  • Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS)
  • Marine Department, Government of the HKSAR – remission of sea services for the purpose of attempting the Class 3 Certificate of Competency (Deck Officer) examination.


Graduates are also qualified to register as an Associate Member of the Institute of Purchasing & Supply of Hong Kong (IPSHK).


Career Prospects

Graduates with a BBA(Hons) in International Shipping and Transport Logistics are qualified to work in and sought after by many sectors of the shipping and logistics industry, including ship owners, ship brokers, charterers, shipping agencies, air and/or sea freight forwarders, international express operators, third party logistics operators, container terminal operators, warehouse operators, law firms, cargo airlines, liner shipping operators, insurance brokers, marine insurance companies and international protection and indemnity clubs.

Entrance Requirements

Please click here to view the entrance requirements for international applicants.


For further programme information, please contact:
The General Office (tel: (+852) 2766 4607; email:

Student Message

The International Shipping and Transport Logistics Programme allows students to discover the industry step by step. Over the past four years of my studies, I have taken basic business subjects as well as shipping related subjects. Professors with different backgrounds had provided us with different perspectives. I learnt the latest academic news from my teachers, and I was made aware of real commercial cases from industry experts. Their suggestions definitely help me to better plan my future development.


The programme also prepares us for a wide range of career choices. We enjoy a high degree of freedom to select subjects depending on their own career plans. We can choose elective subjects related to shipping, logistics or aviation. With the shipping industry, we can also choose our path towards marine finance, insurance, law, chartering or other branches. I was able to tailor-make my subject plan to suit my own needs, laying the foundation for my world to come.

Hongzi Tao

The four years of study at PolyU as an international student has been more than fulfilling. The International Shipping and Transport Logistics (ISTL) programme has prepared me well as a critical thinker in many respects. The programme trained me to take ownership of my studies and is also flexible in allowing students to select the elective subjects that they desire the most. The academics are passionate and professional in their own field, giving me a chance to learn from various experts in the shipping industry. During my course of studies, I had the chance to visit Cambodia, Taiwan, Beijing and Mexico due to the ample opportunities provided by PolyU and the scholarships awarded by the department. The experience I accumulated at PolyU is certainly more than I could have wished for and I have no regrets in choosing ISTL as the degree to pursue.

Joycelyn Poi

Additional Documents Required

Transcript / Certificate


Interview Arrangement

Date: Between November and March
Mode:Individual Interview

To evaluate applicants' potential for and interest in the programme, to test their language and communication skills and understand their non-academic qualities and achievements.


About 15 minutes


Selected applicants will be invited to a face-to-face, telephone or on-line interview.