International - Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions
1. Who are non-local applicants? +
2. Do you accept applications from non-local students from the Chinese mainland holding international qualifications? +
3. Can I apply for re-admission if I have withdrawn from a programme of study at PolyU in the previous academic year? +
4. Are there any other admission intakes apart from September entry? +
5. Can I submit a late application? +
6. Do you accept online courses as equivalent to the face-to-face classes? +
7. Should I apply through the International Admissions Scheme if I possess a Hong Kong permanent identity card and a passport? +
Qualifications & English Language Requirement
8. What non-local qualifications do you consider for admission to your Bachelor's Degree programmes? +
9. Do I need to take TOEFL or IELTS? +
10. What are the PolyU codes for IB, ACT, SAT/AP/SAT Subject Test and TOEFL? +
11. I am applying for admission on the strength of my A-Level or IB results. How many years do I need to study to complete a Bachelor’s Degree programme? +
12. If I take more than one examination, should I provide them in my online application? +
13. Am I required to take certain subjects in high school in order to apply for a particular programme? +
14. Am I eligible for applying for admission to your undergraduate programmes if my qualifications are not listed under “Guidelines on non-local qualifications” ? +
Visa Application
15. Do I need to apply for a visa to study in Hong Kong? +
16. How could I obtain my "e-Vsa" and "NOL"? +
17. Can I stay in Hong Kong after graduation? +
18. What should I do if I select the visa type wrongly? +
Non-academic Achievements
19. How will the STARS applications be assessed? +
Fees & Scholarships
20. How much is the application fee? +
21. Are non-local students eligible for financial assistance? Can I take up part-time jobs? +
22. How much are the living expenses? +
23. How can I get a scholarship? +
Residential Halls
24. Are non-local students eligible for hall residence? +
Post-Secondary Qualifications & Transfer of Study
25. Will I be granted credit transfer from my previous studies from other universities? +
26. Can I apply for a transfer from the first year of a full-time government-funded degree programme in another local university to the first year of such a programme at PolyU? +
Online Applications
27. How should I submit my application? +
28. Can I submit more than one application? +
29. How can I get my application number? +
30. Can I apply if my examination results have not yet been released before the application deadline? +
31. How can I know my application result? +
32. What should I do to accept an offer or a conditional offer? +
33. How can I verify my application data? +
34. How can I update my application data? +
35. Should I submit documents to academic departments direct? +
36. What should I do if I want to submit additional supporting documents after application submission? +
37. My academic documents are not in English. What should I do? +
38. If my high school does not offer official transcripts to students, what should I do? +
39. Where could I upload additional documents such as personal statement to the online portal? Any specific guidelines or format? +
40. What additional documents should I submit other than academic transcript? +
41. What are certified true copies acceptable for verification of qualifications? +
42. Should I upload a copy of my identity document to the online application? +
Contact PolyU
43. Who should I contact if I have questions concerning the admission arrangements for international students? +