Other Fees and Expenses


Other Fees 

A schedule of other fees that are chargeable to students is published in the Student Handbook. All students are advised to refer to the Student Handbook on web for details.


Caution Money 
Caution money is chargeable to all students at first registration. This sum is refundable to students who withdraw from study properly if they have no outstanding fees/claims to be paid to the University and they have returned their student identity card. The sum will be converted to the graduation fee upon completion of a programme.


General Expenses
Non-local students should be aware of the high cost of living in Hong Kong. Apart from tuition fee and hall fees, academic expenses (excluding computer and related expenses) for full-time students are likely to be in the region of HK$7,000 – HK$10,000* for most disciplines and around HK$30,000 for design programmes. Basic meal charges at campus catering outlets are likely to be about HK$27,000* per annum (excluding summer terms). 


* This is only an estimate, specific disciplines may have higher academic expenses. Living expenses vary for individuals, students may wish to allow funds for personal items, entertainment, overseas travel, medical expenses, etc.


Full-time non-local students in government-funded programmes are eligible to apply for accommodation in the Student Halls of Residence. Non-local undergraduates will be given an opportunity to stay in University-managed Accommodation (including the Student Halls and off-campus housing), normally for their first three years of study (including the period of joining outbound exchange programme, if any) and subject to availability. A reasonable rent of HK$12,356 is charged in academic year 2016-17 (excluding the summer term). The lodging fees for 2017-18 will be announced in due course. For details, please visit www.polyu.edu.hk/hall.