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JUPAS - Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Entrance Requirements
1. What are the general entrance requirements for Degree schemes / programmes? +
2. Will PolyU consider applicants who fall short slightly from the entrance requirements of degree schemes / programmes? +
3. If applicants have not taken the preferred subject(s) listed in the entrance requirement of a specific scheme / programme, would they be considered? +
4. For students who have not taken Chinese Language in their secondary education, will they be considered for admission to PolyU? +
5. Would other language subjects offered to students under the New Senior Secondary curriculum (i.e. French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish and Urdu) be considered? +
6. If students cannot get a Level 3 for their HKDSE Chinese Language, could their results in other language subjects be used to replace the Chinese requirement? +
7. Can IELTS / TOEFL results be used to meet the English Language requirement? +
8. Can Applied Learning (ApL) subjects be used to meet the entrance requirement? +
9. How would the Extended Modules of Mathematics be considered in meeting the entrance requirement? +
Admission Score Calculation
10. What is the admission score calculation mechanism for PolyU schemes / programmes? +
11. How would the Applied Learning (ApL) subjects be considered in the calculation of admission score? +
12. How would the Extended Modules of Mathematics be considered in the calculation of admission score? +
13. How would HKDSE attainments be considered in the calculation of admission scores? +
14. Other than the subjects selected for calculation of the admission score for initial prioritization, will the remaining subjects be considered during admission selection? +
15. How are subject weightings determined? +
16. How would applicants with the same admission score be prioritized in the merit order list? +
17. Will there be any cut-off admission score in considering HKDSE applicants? +
Admission Selection
18. What is Departmental Scheme-based Admission? +
19. What is Secondary Major? +
20. Which schemes allow students free selection of major at the later stage of study? +
21. Which schemes will set screening criteria for students in choosing their major? +
22. Would applicants’ other public examinations e.g. GCE, IB be considered? +
23. How would students’ Other Learning Experiences (OLE) be considered? +
24. How would PolyU shortlist applicants for interview before the announcement of HKDSE result? +
25. Would Student Learning Profile (SLP) be considered? +
26. Does PolyU have its own admission tests in addition to HKDSE? +
27. How would admission quotas be distributed between JUPAS and Non-JUPAS applicants? +
28. Would there be any penalty for applicants repeating HKDSE? +
29. Would JUPAS applicants who are studying a programme or have attained qualifications at the same level as the schemes / programmes for which they are applying be considered? +
30. How would non-local applicants with HKDSE results be considered under JUPAS? +
Non-Academic Achievements
31. Will PolyU give consideration to the non-academic achievements of applicants in the admission selection process? +
32. Will there be any flexible admission arrangements for applicants with outstanding non-academic achievements? +
33. Is there any special arrangement to help sportsmen to manage their studies? +
34. What is School Nominations Direct Admission Scheme (SNDAS)? +