Interview Arrangement ( HKDSE Applicants )

The following summary only includes programmes which plan to conduct interviews and/or aptitude tests/assessments for the 2020-21 admissions exercise. As further changes on these arrangements may be made, applicants should check this webpage regularly to obtain the most up-to-date interview arrangements of our programmes.

Programmes which will conduct interviews/aptitude tests/assessments before the announcement of the HKDSE results will notify shortlisted applicants of the details individually by email, SMS, phone (our phone number usually starts with 2766 or 3400) or other electronic means. Programmes which will conduct interviews or tests after the announcement of HKDSE results will release their interview/test shortlist on 16 July 2020 at our e-Admission. Applicants are advised to check the details and attend the interviews/tests as scheduled since re-arrangement may not be possible. If they fail to do so, their applications may not be further considered.

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Code Programme Title Details
JS3569 Design - BA (Hons) Scheme
Date:(1) Aptitude test is scheduled in mid/end May before the announcement of HKDSE results for admission to all programmes majors; and (2) admission interview is scheduled in mid/end July after the announcement of HKDSE results.
Mode:Aptitude test and interview (with portfolio presentation)

To understand the potential of applicants for Advertising Design, Environment and Interior Design, Product Design or Communication Design at the degree level, to ascertain whether their expectations match what the programme/career path can provide and to evaluate their language, communication and interpersonal skills.


Aptitude test (2-3 hours), Interview (about 15 minutes)

  • Only Band A, B applicants will be considered for admission.
  • Applicants should indicate their choice of programme major in April and must participate in the aptitude test in May.
  • Upon release of HKDSE results, applicants will be shortlisted for the interview. They are required to bring along design portfolio/creative work to the interview. Preference will be given to Band A applicants.
  • To recognise applicants with outstanding performance in HKDSE, the Programme will directly offer a place to those (among the top 25% score range as a whole) and waive the requirement for interview.


Important dates:

Mid/End March – admission schedule will be sent via email

Early/Mid April – applicants to indicate their choice of programme major

Mid/End May – aptitude test

Mid July – HKDSE results announcement

Mid to End July – admission interview