Non-local Applicants


A "non-local student" is defined as one who requires a student visa to study in Hong Kong or is staying in Hong Kong under the "Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates". Non-local applicants who possess only a visitor or a tourist visa can neither be registered as students nor commence their studies until they have obtained student visas.


Non-local students studying a full-time programme at degree level or above with a study period of not less than one academic year will be allowed to take up study-related internships, part-time on-campus employment and summer jobs subject to the conditions stated by the Hong Kong Immigration Department.


If you hold a dependent visa or have the "right of abode" or "right to land" in Hong Kong, you do not require a student visa to study in Hong Kong and will be regarded as a local student. In this case, you should follow the application/admissions arrangements for local students. If you hold a work permit and take up a part-time programme, you will also be regarded as a local student. 


The levels of tuition fees for local and non-local students are different. For details, please refer to the section on "Tuition Fees". If your status changes from local to non-local or vice versa after you submit your application, any offers made under the initial admissions scheme may be cancelled and your application will be considered in competition with other eligible applicants under the subsequent admissions scheme.