Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Management

Sept 2019 Entry

Programme code: 02402-SYM

Duration and Credit Requirement

Mode of Study
Normal Duration

2 years

Credits Required for Graduation

66-75 (plus 3 training credits)

Programme Intake
13 senior year places
Fund Type
Consider Second Choice Applications
Yes, but preference will be given to first choice applications.
Programme Leader(s)

Programme Leader

Dr CHAN Chi-hong Simon
BA (Hons), M.Phil, PhD


Deputy Programme Leader

Dr KO Chi-chung Stephen
BSocSc (Hons), LLM, MBA, PhD

  • The programme is offered within the BBA(Hons) Scheme.
  • The curriculum of this programme, including the credit requirements, is subject to review.
  • The exact study duration and number of credits to be transferred will depend on the entry qualification of individual AD/HD admittees.

Aims and Characteristics

Programme Aims

Management skills are required by all business professionals. As an area of study, management is concerned with how to get the best out of people and other resources.

This programme provides students with a well-rounded business education and training in general management, along with an opportunity to specialise in human resource management (HRM). Students are equipped with a wide range of management skills to give them the potential to develop as business leaders in Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and the region.




Management is a lively and interesting subject to study. Our programme emphasises the development of academic and professional knowledge and practical skills in general management and human resource management, including communication and presentation, leadership and teamwork, problem solving and the effective use of information technology.

The programme offers a wide range of subject choices in the fields of general management and human resource management, such as Business Negotiation, China Trade Management, E-commerce, Employment Law, Entrepreneurship, Global Business Management, International Human Resource Management, Management Information Systems, Staffing & Selection and Training & Development. Students can choose subjects within the HRM concentration to obtain recognition by professional bodies.

There is a strong emphasis on interactive and student-centred learning methods, including case studies, role playing and simulation exercises. Visits to companies and other organisations are arranged, and practitioners are invited as guest speakers to share their practical experience with students.

All students within the Faculty of Business are encouraged to participate in the Whole Person Development Programme (WPDP), which includes a range of extracurricular activities such as leadership training camps, peer tutoring, mentorship and overseas and the Chinese mainland exchanges. Each student is assigned a professional mentor who is an experienced executive or manager in the business world and who provides advice and support and helps students to plan their careers and prepare for their first jobs after graduation.

Subject to availability, BBA students can spend a semester studying at another university overseas or in the Chinese mainland and have the credits counted towards their PolyU degree.

The Department has also developed opportunities for students to work in firms during either the spring semester or in the summer in Hong Kong or the Chinese mainland to fulfil 100 hours (3 training credit) of Work-Integrated Education (WIE) requirement. These, and other forms of work experience, can count towards the WIE requirement.


This is a very flexible programme that offers a wide range of subject choices in the fields of general and strategic management, human resource management and management information systems.

Once in the programme, students fortify their general business education in subjects such as Corporate Social Responsibility and Strategic Management, and study management in greater depth through subjects such as Organisational Behaviour, Human Resources Management and Managerial Leadership. They have the opportunity to choose Electives from wide range of subjects in general and strategic management, human resource management and management information systems. Students also have the chance to integrate their management knowledge through a sizable Management Capstone Project.

More information on the subjects offered can be obtained here.

Recognition and Prospects

Professional Recognition*

1. Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management (HKIHRM):

  • Graduates of BBA (Hons) in Management are eligible to apply for Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management (HKIHRM)’s Associate Membership provided that they have passed, in addition to the core subjects, at least any THREE of the specialist subjects under the HRM Concentration, including Employee Relations, Employment Law, Human Resource Management in China, International HRM, Reward & Performance Management, Staffing and Selection, and Training and Development.

2. Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA):

  • Exemption from four papers (BA1, BA2, BA3 and E1);
  • Assessment of Forecasting should be included in the subject of Operation Management.

3. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA):

  • Upon completion of the BBA(Hons) in Management programme, graduates are eligible to apply for exemption from some ACCA papers.


* Recognition is subject to accreditation assessment.


Career Prospects

Graduates qualify for a wide variety of general management and administrative positions, including administrative assistants and management trainees, leading to careers in general management. In addition, specialist study in human resource management will prepare them for positions such as Human Resource/Personnel Officer, Training Officer, Recruitment Officer, Compensation Specialist and Human Resource Consultant.

Entrance Requirements

  • An appropriate Associate Degree or Higher Diploma in a relevant discipline with good academic result.
  • In addition to academic results, preference will be given to those applicants with good performance in the admission test and interview.


For further programme information, please contact:

The General Office (tel: 2766 7370/ 2766 7368; email:

Student Message

PolyU provides professional education that ensures students' well-rounded development. Recalling the last two years at PolyU, I am thankful to have had such a splendid time studying in a warm place, which has helped my personal development immensely.

The caring culture here is remarkable, as there is always someone willing to assist you with any problems you might face. When I was a freshman, I found it difficult to adjust to the new environment. I suffered from the stress of an increasing study workload, which also affected me emotionally. However, thanks to the helpfulness of the professors, academic advisors and counsellors, I was empowered to overcome the challenges I faced through my studies. This assistance came in the form of enhancement courses and scholarships. Staff members were always willing to take the extra time to listen and deal with my problems patiently, and I felt valued as a member of the PolyU family. The encouraging environment has equipped me with additional tools that I did not expect to gain, such as resilience and self-confidence to encounter challenges in the future.

Furthermore, as a PolyU students, we are prepared to connect with the global environment. Taking the subjects Global Economic Environment and Global Business Management broadened my international horizons. In addition, various cultural exchange activities were held on campus, which allowed me to gain contact with international students. Moreover, PolyU provides students with opportunities to visit other countries. For example, I went to Egypt and Shanghai last summer, which greatly inspired me and enhanced my personal growth.

The decision to study at PolyU is one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. The precious moments I have had here will shine throughout my entire life.

Chan Ka Yan Karen

I am really grateful that I had the chance to study at PolyU, which provided me with a plentiful university life in both academic and non-academic areas.

In the academic area, the BBA (Hons) in Management provides a wide range of management-related courses such as marketing, human resource management, accounting, global economic environment, entrepreneurship and managerial leadership. Moreover, the professors expect us to think as real businessmen in lecture activities, group projects, assignments and examinations. Everything I learnt in class helped equip me to become a successful manager.

PolyU also provided me with many practical opportunities through the Work-Integrated Education programme, which requires at least 300 internship working hours. It pushed me out of my comfort zone into a real business environment. Even though I felt nervous in my first office job, the Management and Marketing department and professors offered a lot of help and suggestions so that I could apply what I had learnt in my job. These experiences were not only useful for me to recognise how hard a real business environment is, but also helped me to find my graduation job.

In the non-academic area, PolyU provided me with opportunities to enhance my all-around development. PolyU encourages students to broaden their horizons and networks through a variety of exchange programmes. I joined a summer exchange programme in Korea that allowed me not only to learn about management and leadership in Korea, but also to make friends and learn how to get along with people from different countries such as South Korea, Germany, the Czech Republic, Singapore and Taiwan. All of these experiences were so precious to me, and I could never have gained as much just by travelling.

Looking back, PolyU has not only comprehensively prepared me to be a successful manager in my future career but has also cultivated me to be a better person. As a PolyU student, I am confident that I can give back to PolyU and contribute to society at large.

Wong Lam Winnie

Attaining a bachelor’s degree at a local university was my aim, so I could live up to my parents’ expectations. However, my experience at PolyU has provided me with so much more than this original goal, and it has prepared me to move on to the next stage of my life and start my career.


Through the BBA in Management programme I have gained experience, a sense of current affairs and market trends, and immense business knowledge, skills and theories from both the BBA core and Management specialist subjects, such as Human Resources and Entrepreneurship. In addition to hard skills, the programme helped me to develop my critical thinking, and most importantly, teamwork skills. The group projects were valuable lessons and opportunities for me to analyze a problem or phenomenon, apply theoretical concepts and criticize the approaches. I also got to work with people with different working styles and cultures. I remember being frustrated about group assignments as I had a specific working style and I expected people to do things the way I did. The opportunities to present a project also increased my confidence in speaking in front of a large group of people. Now I am no longer afraid to share a business plan or an interesting idea with others.


I am thankful for the life-changing and enriching experiences the MM family has given me during my time at PolyU, and I will always remember the people I met and the great times I had.

Kwok Tsz Wai

As a senior year admitted student, I only spent two years of study at PolyU. However, I have equipped myself with both knowledge and practical skills that are essential to step into the society in this two-year of university study.


PolyU provided students with a wide range of activities, including mentoring programme, various workshops with different aims and themes, work-integrated education, etc. In summer 2017, I participated in an internship programme and worked as a customer service representative at Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Shanghai Branch), which has given me an opportunity to know the basic operation of the banking industry in China. In addition, the internship programme allowed to meet with many new friends, as well as trained up my communication and interpersonal skills.


The management courses at PolyU are also very useful for students to prepare well for their future career. For example, the group project in Entrepreneurship course provides students with a chance to brainstorm a new workable business idea and write up a business plan. All these have well prepared and facilitated PolyU students to be potential leaders in the future.

Man Lai Shan

My interest in human resources management led me to enroll in the BBA (Hons) Management Degree, and it was my great honor to do so. The programme equipped me with fundamental knowledge of the operations of business corporations, providing me with the practical and important information needed to gain insight into real-world business in advance. In addition to fundamental knowledge, this programme provides a wide range of elective courses that further develop students’ ability, not only in human resources management, but also in various fields such as E-commerce, information systems and Chinese business.


I studied courses according to my interests, which were mainly related to human resources management. The courses are classified into specific areas of human resources management and other areas including reward and performance management, staffing and selection, training and development, human resources management in China and international human resources management. I very much appreciated the in-depth, meaningful and specific content provided in the courses, which enabled me to gain a clear understanding of the different sub-units of human resources management and the techniques required to handle issues of these sub-units effectively. In addition to the academic courses, PolyU also provides numerous learning opportunities to students, such as internships that prepare students for their future careers, service learning that build on students’ extra-curricular profiles and many other self-volunteer activities. Students are free to engage in various events that can broaden their social networks and knowledge base.


Overall, PolyU provides an excellent study environment for the tertiary education of undergraduate students, and I am really glad to be one of the PolyU graduates.

Shai Tsz Ning

PolyU emphasises holistic education. Through the Management programme, I have acquired more than the managerial knowledge I need to become a professional manager; I have learned essential life skills, such as interpersonal interaction, effective communication and problem solving, that will serve me in the workplace and in real-life situations.


My studies in Year Four have further encouraged me to pursue my dream of working in management. PolyU’s extra-curricular programme, too, has given me the gift of encounters with my peers from around the world. Taking part in a summer school trip to Xi’an with 30 international students gave me a precious chance to meet people from different backgrounds and make some of the best friends I've ever made.

WONG Sin Ting, Daphne

Additional Documents Required

Transcript / Certificate


Interview Arrangement

Date: Between February and August
Mode:Individual/group interview and written test

To evaluate the potential for and interest of applicants in the programme.


About 30 minutes


Suitable applicants will be invited to interviews. No make-up interviews will be arranged for applicants who fail to attend the scheduled interviews.