Non-JUPAS Local Senior Year Admissions - Non-Academic Achievement

1. Introduction

PolyU supports the all-round development of students and gives due recognition to the non-academic achievements of applicants in the admission selection process. Applicants with outstanding non-academic achievements (e.g. with awards / prizes attained in prominent international competitions) will be favourably considered for admission in the selection process. Applicants concerned should provide relevant information and documents in their applications within the application period. We, however, still require applicants to be admitted on the basis of outstanding non-academic achievements to meet the minimum entrance requirements of the schemes / programmes before they are eligible for consideration.


2. Outstanding Sportsmen Recommendation Scheme (OSRS)

OSRS was introduced in 1998 and aims to provide opportunities for outstanding student-athletes to pursue their full-time tertiary education in PolyU. We welcome applicants who have participated in prominent international competitions, or are members of HKSAR Team/Junior Team, to apply for the scheme. Applications should be submitted to Counselling and Wellness Section (Sports Development) of the Student Affairs Office (SAO). Application forms and further details are obtainable here. If you have outstanding achievement in sports, you should apply the OSRS.


3. Enquiries

For Enquiries, please contact:



Other Non-academic Achievements

Student Affairs Office, PolyU

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Academic Registry, PolyU

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