Financial Assistance and Scholarships


Financial Assistance 
Financial assistance mainly comes from two sources, the government and PolyU. Students are strongly advised to ensure their eligibility in applying for different financial assistance schemes.


The government has two main schemes for local full-time students in government-funded programmes: the Tertiary Student Finance Scheme ─ Publicly-funded Programmes (TSFS) and the Non-means-tested Loan Scheme for Full-time Tertiary Students (NLSFT).


The TSFS is a means-tested scheme that offers grants for tuition fees and academic expenses, and loans for living expenses. Applications open every April for current students and every September for new students for the coming academic year.


The NLSFT offers interest-bearing loans to eligible students to cover tuition fees. These loans are not means-tested – there is no assessment of your family's income and assets. Applications open for current students and new students in May and September, respectively.


In addition, PolyU operates financial assistance schemes for local full-time students in government-funded programmes. The schemes are means-tested which offer bursary and/or interest-free loan to eligible needy students.


For further information, please click here.



Entry Scholarships for Outstanding Admittees 
PolyU accords recognition to outstanding students admitted to its programmes and grants scholarships of various amounts to students on the basis of academic merit or non-academic achievements (e.g. with prizes/awards received in internationally recognised competitions). 

Academic Scholarships

  • School leavers with IB, GCE A-Level / International Advanced Levels (IAL) qualifications who meet the University’s general entrance requirements for Degree programmes and attain the following results at their first attempt will be awarded the following academic entry scholarships:



IB Score


GCE A-Level /
IAL Requirements (Excluding Chinese subject)
Scholarship Amount
1 45 3A* Renewable full-tuition scholarship (subject to meeting the required conditions for scholarship renewal) plus a one-off allowance of HK$35,000
2 42-44 2A*+1A One-off full-tuition scholarship
3 39-41 1A*+2A One-off half-tuition scholarship
4 36-38 3A One-off scholarship of HK$10,000


Non-academic Scholarships

Applicants will be awarded a non-academic scholarship if they have met the University's General Entrance Requirements for degree/higher diploma programmes and have very outstanding achievements in a non-academic area (such as art, leadership, music, sports or service) or have applied via the Outstanding Sportsmen Recommendation Scheme (OSRS). Recipients are awarded non-academic scholarships for amounts ranging from HK$10,000 to the annual tuition fee, renewable subject to meeting the required conditions.


Notwithstanding the above, applicants will only be considered for their first programme choice for the non-academic scholarship (as of early March 2017 for OSRS).


How can I apply for a University scholarship?
There is no need for students to apply separately for entry scholarships. The University will identify qualified applicants, and will inform them of the award of scholarships after the commencement of the school term.



Post-entry Scholarships and Prizes 
Post-entry scholarships and prizes, ranging in value from around HK$8,000 to HK$40,000 each, are normally available to full-time government-funded undergraduate students. These scholarships and prizes are usually awarded on academic merits and/or according to other specific conditions as stipulated by the donors.


For most scholarships and prizes, candidates are nominated by the Heads of academic departments, but some scholarships and prizes are open to competition. For details, please click here


PolyU reserves the right to change the terms or withdraw the above scholarships. In case of any dispute/disagreement, PolyU’s decision is final.