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Master of Nursing

Sept 2022 Entry
Programme code: 53081

Faculty of Health and Social Sciences
School of Nursing

Stream Code


Mode of Study Full-time

Normal Duration

3 years

Credits Required for Graduation

96 (30 postgraduate credits plus 66 undergraduate credits, including 30 clinical field credits)

Initial Registration Credits


Fund Type Self-Financed

Tuition Fee

For local students
HK$2,500 per credit for undergraduate subjects and HK$4,600 per credit for postgraduate subjects

For non-local students
HK$4,835 per credit for all subjects

Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital has agreed to donate scholarships to students enrolled in the programme. Scholarships will be granted yearly to students based on academic merits.

PolyU reserves the right to change or withdraw the scholarship at any time. In case of any dispute/disagreement, PolyU’s decision is final.

Programme Leader(s)

Dr Patrick Pui Kin KOR
RN (HK), BN (CUHK), MSc (CUHK), PRegCert (ICU, IANS), PhD (PolyU)

Aims & Characteristics

Programme Aims

This pre-registration nursing programme provides a chance for Bachelor's degree holders in any discipline to simultaneously earn a professional credential, that of a registered nurse, and an academic credential, that of a Master's degree. The programme prepares students for registration as Registered Nurses with the Nursing Council of Hong Kong and to acquire the attributes to become future leaders in the profession. Its aims are as follows.

  1. ​To equip students for holistic care that encompasses safe, ethical, legal, and culturally sensitive nursing therapeutics provided to clients of all ages and their families in various healthcare settings.
  2. To prepare students to acquire the attributes of future nurse leaders through the appraisal and translation of new knowledge in advancing nursing practice.


This is a collaborative programme run by the School of Nursing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital.

  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University was the first university in Hong Kong to offer a pre-registration degree programme in nursing for graduates from other disciplines.
  • The School of Nursing at Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital was established in 1927.  Historically, the Hospital was the only private hospital in Hong Kong to offer Registered and Enrolled Nurse programmes in the School of Nursing.
  • The motto of the School of Nursing of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is "To Excel in Nursing for the Well-being of Mankind", and that of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital is "Quality in Service and Excellence in Care".
  • The collaboration of the two institutions ensures the high-quality preparation of future registered nurses and will raise the profile of the nursing profession in Hong Kong.
  • The collaboration of the two institutions offers strong support for learning and teaching, and students can enjoy the resources from both institutions.
  • The scholarships offered by the clinical partner not only provide financial support for students in need, but also give recognition and encouragement to outstanding students.
  • The programme combines basic preparation for a professional qualification with advanced preparation to enable students to become competent reflective practitioners in the nursing profession.
Recognition & Prospects

The programme is accredited by the Nursing Council of Hong Kong and graduates are eligible to apply for registration as Registered Nurses (General).


Programme Structure

This programme embraces all of the theoretical components required for registration with the Nursing Council of Hong Kong. These include introductory and applied subjects, plus subjects relating to biology, social sciences, professional studies, and the humanities, which develop students' understanding of the biological and psychosocial dimensions of the human condition and healthcare.


The structure runs from simple to complex, covering child and adult care, maternal care, mental health nursing, community nursing, gerontological nursing and nursing research. Students are required to complete a clinical research project in the final year to consolidate their knowledge through research with a clinical nursing focus. Supervised field practice is organised throughout the study to integrate theory and practice.


Core Areas of Study

Nursing Arts and Sciences (10 subjects)

  • ​Fundamentals of Nursing Therapeutics
  • Nursing Therapeutics I
  • Nursing Therapeutics II
  • Nursing Therapeutics III
  • Child and Adolescent Health
  • Family Nursing with Childbearing Families
  • Mental Health Care
  • Community Nursing
  • Nursing Older People
  • Traditional Chinese Nursing


Life Sciences (3 subjects)

  • ​Anatomy and Physiology
  • Clinical Microbiology for Nurses
  • Pathophysiology and Pharmacology for Nurses


Humanities and Professional Studies (7 subjects)

  • ​Professional Nursing Concepts
  • Applied Psychology in Health Care
  • Social & Cultural Dimensions of Health
  • Ethics and Law in Clinical Practice
  • Clinical Research Methods
  • Clinical Research Project
  • Quality Management of Nursing Services in Health Care

Entrance Requirements

  • ​In accordance with the University Regulations Governing Professional Master Degree Awards, the prerequisite for admission is the completion of a Bachelor's degree from a recognised university. To be eligible for registration with the Nursing Council of Hong Kong, applicants are required to have satisfied the following in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination, or the equivalent.
  1. ​​English Language (Syllabus B) at Grade D or above, or English Language (Syllabus A) at Grade B, or English Language at Level 3;
  2. Any one science subject from the following at Grade E or above: Biology, Chemistry, Human Biology, Mathematics, Physics;
  3. Any three other subjects at Grade E (or Level 2 for Chinese Language) or above; and
  4. Any one of the subjects listed in (1) to (3) must be at Grade C (or Level 3 for English Language or Chinese Language) or above.


For the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination, applicants are required to have satisfied the following or the equivalent.

  1. 4 Core Subjects, with English Language and Chinese Language at Level 3 or above, and Mathematics and Liberal Studies at Level 2 or above; and
  2. 1 Elective Subject from Category A - New Senior Secondary Subjects at Level 2 or above.


  • ​Fluency in written English and Chinese, and in oral English and Cantonese.


If you are not a native speaker of English, and your Bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification is awarded by institutions where the medium of instruction is not English, you are expected to fulfil the University’s minimum English language requirement for admission purpose. Please refer to the "Admission Requirements" section for details.

Other Information
  • ​Applicants are required to submit the documents listed below.
    • Academic results at university, including GPA calculated on a 4.0 scale;
    • Result slips for public examinations or the equivalent; and
    • TWO recommendation forms (Form AR812) [For details, please refer to "Additional Documents Required"].
  • Suitable applicants may be invited to attend interviews.
  • Students must pass a health check before receiving clinical training.


For further programme information, please contact:
The General Office, School of Nursing
(tel: 2766 4369; fax: 2364 9663; email: sn.enquiry@polyu.edu.hk; website: sn.polyu.edu.hk).