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Master of Arts in School and Community Psychology

Sept 2022 Entry
Programme code: 54072

Faculty of Health and Social Sciences
Department of Applied Social Sciences

Stream Code

FT (Full-time)
PT (Part-time)

Mode of Study Mixed Mode

Normal Duration

1 year (Full-time)
2 years (Part-time)

Credits Required for Graduation


Initial Registration Credits

3 for local students
6 for non-local students

Fund Type Self-Financed

Tuition Fee

For local students
HK$160,500 per programme
(Taught subject: HK$5,350 per credit)

For non-local students
HK$199,500 per programme
(Taught subject: HK$6,650 per credit)

Programme Leader(s)

Prof. Chen Xiaohua, Sylvia
BA, MA, PgD, MPhil, PhD


  • Applications are considered on rolling basis.
  • Qualified candidates will be notified of their results via the eAdmission System. Once all vacancies are filled, the remaining qualified applicants will be put on a waiting list. Early applications are strongly encouraged.

Aims & Characteristics

The programme aims to provide students with solid knowledge and skills in school and community psychology with an emphasis on self-development, self-reflection and real-life applications and focusing on school and community issues. Graduates develop a heightened awareness of the relationships between psychology and social needs in school and community settings with a strong foundation in professional obligation, research skills, ethical issues and policy implications. The programme also aims to develop critical thinking as well as knowledge and skills in conducting applied research and programme evaluation. Graduates will be equipped to develop careers in psychology or education or related community and human services and/or to pursue higher education in more specialised areas.


Intended Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this programme are expected to have:

  • acquired the essential knowledge, theories and concepts pertinent to understanding psychological processes, with a particular emphasis on those related to school and community;
  • an advanced understanding of psychological topics and the competence needed to work as informed leaders, supervisors, innovators and educators in school and community services and human service professions;
  • a good appreciation and understanding of the historical development of psychology that shapes contemporary human service practices and endeavours in different cultures;
  • a heightened awareness of the relationships between psychology and varying social needs, with knowledge of the uses of psychology to address major problems and critical issues in indigenous, national and global contexts, and in the youth service area;
  • a sound foundation in the basic values and ethical stances relating to different psychological perspectives and professional obligations; and
  • preparation for life-long education through critical and creative thinking and independent reflection on their knowledge on the patterns and differences of psychological issues for life-long learning and continual professional development.
Recognition & Prospects

Graduates are eligible to apply for membership of the Hong Kong Psychological Society and the British Psychological Society*.


* Subject to approval from the Hong Kong Psychological Society and the British Psychological Society for individual applications.


List of Compulsory Subjects: 24 credits

  • APSS5044 Advanced Research Methods: Mixed Methods in Research
  • APSS5060 Advanced Cognitive Psychology
  • APSS5061 Advanced Developmental Psychology
  • APSS5062 Historical Foundations of Psychology
  • APSS5063 Advanced Physiological Psychology
  • APSS5064 Advanced Social Psychology
  • APSS5065 Advanced Studies in Personality and Individual Differences
  • APSS5066 Theoretical Perspectives in Community Psychology


List of Elective Subjects: 6 credits

  • APSS534 Advanced Practice Methods: Cognitive Behavioural Intervention 
  • APSS5049 Nurturing the Gifted and Talented: Instructional Models and Professional Practices@
  • APSS5055 Psychology of Exceptional Children@
  • APSS5057 Attentional Control and Social Adaptation@
  • APSS5067 Special Seminars in Community and School Psychology
  • APSS5068 Community Intervention
  • APSS5069 Advanced Abnormal Psychology
  • APSS5630 Theories and Models of Counselling
  • APSS5681 Assessment and Instructional Strategies for Children and Youth with Specific Learning Disabilities@


Note: Students should choose at least 1 Elective Subject from those with an "@".

Entrance Requirements

  • A Bachelor's degree in any discipline.


If you are not a native speaker of English, and your Bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification is awarded by institutions where the medium of instruction is not English, you are expected to fulfil the University’s minimum English language requirement for admission purpose. Please refer to the "Admission Requirements" section for details.


For further information, please contact:
Ms Freda Lau (tel: (852) 3400 3688);
or Ms Liu (email: sspg@polyu.edu.hk).

Programme Leaflet

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