Important Update: (Updated 10:04 am, Thursday, June 3)

Our University has announced the learning, teaching and assessment (LTA) arrangements for Semester One, 2021/22. Please click here for details.


Research Postgraduate - Teaching Postgraduate Studentship Scheme

The main objectives of the Teaching Postgraduate Studentship (TPS) Scheme are:


  1. to grant, on a merit basis, stipends to eligible full-time research postgraduate (RPg) students as a means of financial support to allow them to fully focus on their studies; and
  2. to provide more teaching experience and training opportunities to interested RPg students to widen their exposure for the development of their academic career.


Duration and Amount of the Teaching Postgraduate Studentship


Places on the TPS are normally offered on a semester basis.  A TPS stipend will normally commence on the first day and end on the last day of the semester.


A TPS place awarded to a particular student can be extended to subsequent semesters within his/her normal period of study at the University, subject to good study and work performance and the availability of funds.


The amount of the TPS stipend is currently HK$18,100* per month.


* This is applicable for 2020-21 only and is subject to approval.  The TPS stipend rate is subject to revision each year. 


Duties to be Undertaken by Teaching Postgraduate Studentship Recipients


Students selected for the TPS are offered an appointment as part-time Teaching Assistants at the University on terms and conditions in accordance with the University’s policies on part-time appointments.


TPS recipients are required to provide 17 hours of teaching or administrative support per week in an academic department, as assigned by the relevant Department Head or the supervising subject leader/teacher.