Taught Postgraduate - Additional Supporting Documents Required for Application for Admissions

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Data Science and Analytics - MSc
Programme Code: 63027
Stream Code: DFM (Full-time) DPM (Part-time)

Employer's Recommendation


Transcript / Certificate



Please state all relevant professional qualifications/examination results obtained, e.g. Society of Actuaries (SOA) examination results.

Design - Master
Programme Code: 73035
Stream Code: IBD for Innovative Business Design (Full-time) ISD for Intelligent Systems Design (Full-time) SSD for Smart Service Design (Full-time) TED for Transitional Environments Design (Full-time)

Employer's Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation


Requirement and Format

Two letters of recommendation are required, preferably one related to academic qualifications and the other to work experience. If you are in your final year of study, you could consider asking your internship supervisor/team leader for a recommendation letter. In other cases, two academic recommendations are acceptable.

Recommendations should be provided on official letterheaded paper with the recommender’s name, affiliation, contact details and signature.

Note that certification of employment is not the same as a letter of recommendation. Recommendations written specifically for admission purposes are preferred over generic reference letters.



Letters of recommendation are to be uploaded to the corresponding sections on eAdmission.

Combine multiple PDFs of academic recommendations, transcripts and certificates from the same institution into one PDF document and upload the file according to the specific academic qualification in the “Post-secondary Qualification” section.

Work recommendations are to be uploaded according to the specific previous/current employment in the “Employment” section.

Personal Statement

A Personal Statement is similar to a cover letter for your application, addressed to the admission committee. The purpose of this page-long written statement is to convince the admission committee that you would be a good fit for the programme and contribute to the MDes community at large. You may provide an overview of your goals in applying, background, experience, research interests, career goals and aspirations.

Transcript / Certificate

Academic Transcripts and Certificates

Evidence of your academic qualifications, i.e., full official transcripts and explanatory notes (usually printed on the back of the transcripts), and degree certificates, including the accompanying graduation statement or diploma supplement (if applicable).

For holders of academic qualifications from Mainland China, the evidence must include your Academic Credential (毕业证书), Degree Certificate (学士学位证书), and GPA certification letter or average score and notes explaining the grading system(s) (课程绩点与等级换算关系表).

Documents not issued in English must be accompanied by certified, literal English translations. We must have your transcripts and certificates in both your native language and in English to evaluate your qualifications. We do not require applicants’ original documents at the application stage. Readable scans of original documents will suffice.


Design Portfolio

Guidance Notes

A portfolio is required for:

- all applicants to the Intelligent Systems Design (ISD), Smart Service Design (SSD) and Transitional Environments Design (TED) specialisms; and

- applicants to the Innovative Business Design (IBD) specialism with an academic qualification in the field of design.

In general, the content of your portfolio may include the most advanced design work you have done. We are interested in the process of concept development in self-initiated, experimental and commercial work. Samples of work should be accompanied by succinct descriptions where needed. Indicate your project references (name and organisation) whenever possible. State the project type, i.e. individual or group projects. For group projects, you must clearly specify your role in the creative process. The organisation and appearance of your portfolio should be of a professional standard.

Those with a non-design background may present design-related projects with clear research and design processes or other projects related to making, innovation or even invention. The portfolio may include concepts, idea sketches, plans, experiments, testing data, and processes related to the above. For group projects, please specify your contribution.


Format and Submission


- Via PolyU eAdmission – prepare your file in PDF format under 5 MB and upload to “Additional Document”. A maximum of one file is allowed.

- Via MDes submission platform – if your file is larger than 5 MB, you may submit it via the School’s MDes submission platform. Before we can set up your account on this platform, your application fee must have been settled and your payment status must have been updated to “paid”. This will allow your application to be released to the School of Design from the Academic Registry. After that, we can set up your account manually during office hours from Monday to Friday. Please do not submit your application until you have provided all relevant information and documents via eAdmission. After submission, applicants can only make limited amendments by themselves.


- Via MDes submission platform – indicate the Web address to view it in the “Personal Website” field. We expect to be able to view your portfolio online, i.e. without needing to download the file to a local computer.