Taught Postgraduate - Additional Supporting Documents Required for Application for Admissions

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Professional Accounting - Master/PgD
Programme Code: 21046
Stream Code: MAF for Master (Full-time) PAF for PgD (Full-time) MAE for Master (Part-time) PAP for PgD (Part-time)

Transcript / Certificate

Copies of graduation certificate and official academic transcript of studies are required.


  • If you wish to be exempted, either in full or in part, from the summer fundamental business course(s), please indicate equivalent subjects that you have taken in your prior studies. Required subjects are: basic accounting, business law, economics, management, marketing and statistics. (Not applicable to applicants with HKICPA membership or equivalent.)
  • Applicants with any non-English certificates should also submit a set of corresponding official English-translated copies for reference.
  • Applicants for the full-time stream are recommended to submit their GMAT scores.
Project Management - MSc
Programme Code: 04001
Stream Code: PFM for MSc (Full-time) PPM for MSc (Part-time)

Transcript / Certificate