Taught Postgraduate - Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

1. What are the differences between Taught Postgraduate programmes and Research programmes? +
2. When is the application period for admission to Taught Postgraduate programmes? +
3. How can I get information on programmes and admission? +
4. How do I apply? +
5. Who are non-local applicants? +
6. What are the entrance requirements for admission to Taught Postgraduate programmes? +
7. What are the selection criteria for admission? +
8. Can I apply for admission if I do not meet the stipulated entrance requirements? +
9. Does PolyU recognize past English examination (TOEFL/IELTS) results? +
10. Does PolyU accept UKVI IELTS for applying to taught postgraduate programmes? +
11. Can I apply for more than one programme at the same time? +
12. Can I apply for credit transfer? +
13. What can I do if I do not intend to pursue a formal academic award but am interested in some subjects offered under some programmes? +
14. What is the meaning of "Mixed-mode" study? +
15. Am I eligible for the financial assistance scheme? +
16. Are non-local students eligible for financial assistance? Can they take up part-time jobs? +
17. Are non-local students eligible for applying for hall residence? +

Before Application Submission

18. How much is the application fee? +
19. What should I do if my results are not yet available when I submit my application? +
20. Should I submit additional/supporting documents? +
21. Should I submit documents to programme host departments directly? +
22. What should I do if my academic documents are not in English? +
23. What should I do if I want to apply for credit transfer? +
24. Can I change my programme choice after submission? +
25. Can I apply for re-admission? +
26. How will PolyU use the information collected from my application? +

After Application Submission

27. How can I settle my application fee? +
28. Is the application fee refundable? +
29. Where can I find my application number? +
30. What should I do if I want to submit additional/supporting documents after application submission? +
31. How can I verify my application data? +
32. How can I update my application data? +
33. How can I know my application result? +

Upon Receiving Offer

34. What should I do to accept an offer or a conditional offer? +
35. How can I complete the meet condition(s) procedure? +
36. What should I do to accept another offer from PolyU after I have paid the tuition fees for an earlier offer? +
37. Can I enrol on two programmes at the same time? +
38. Is the tuition fee paid refundable? +
39. When will the offer of a programme marked with "subject to approval" be confirmed? +
40. What if the programme I have applied for is cancelled? +
41. When should I submit my student visa application? +