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Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Hotel Management

Sept 2021 Entry

Programme code: JS3882

Duration & Credit Requirement

Duration and Credit Requirement

Mode of Study
Normal Duration

4 years

Credit Required for Graduation

124 (Major + Minor) or 121 (Major + Free Electives) (plus 6 training credits of Work-Integrated Education and 1 training credit of Professional Development)

Programme Intake
Fund Type
Programme Leader(s)

Dr Eric Chan

  • The credit requirements of this programme are indicative only. They are subject to review.
  • This programme is offered within the BSc(Hons) Scheme in Hospitality and Tourism.

Aims & Characteristics

Aims and Characteristics

Programme Aims & Learning Outcomes

(1) To ensure the all-round education and development of School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) graduates;

(2) To develop graduates who can contribute to the operations and management of a hotel, food service, and/or related service business or organisation in an efficient, effective and sustainable way;

(3) To offer a multi-disciplinary education, which will equip students with the professional knowledge and skills needed for a broad range of complex, managerial and specialised work activities in the hotel and food service industry; and

(4) To develop graduates who can significantly contribute to total quality service delivery to hotel, food service, and service-related customers.


The BSc(Hons) in Hotel Management programme educates students about the business of hotel and food service management. Its customer-service focus enables graduates to excel in the hotel and food service industry. This multidisciplinary programme prepares students for careers at the management level in the hotel, food service, and broader service industries, either locally or internationally. Students learn to be customer-focused, analytical and independent, and at the same time develop communication and leadership skills. They also gain a global perspective to meet the growing challenges that are faced by the dynamic hotel and food service industries.

Recognition & Prospects

Recognition and Prospects

Career Prospects

After some years of experience, BSc(Hons) in Hotel Management graduates will be qualified for management positions in the hotel, food service and broader service sectors, depending on their chosen Career Track, Minor and/or Free Electives taken.  Career opportunities for graduates of this programme include those in hotels, cruise ships, hostels, staff/visitor quarters in hospitals and institutions, serviced apartments, independent restaurants, restaurant chains, dining and catering facilities in hotels, cruise ships, conference and exhibition centres, shopping malls, hospitals, clubs and associations, and institutions.



In Year One, students are introduced to university study and participate in subjects such as Freshman Seminar, Leadership and Intra-personal Development. They are required to complete a Healthy Lifestyle subject and some Language and Communication Requirement (LCR) subjects. They also study introductory subjects in hotel management.

After completing their first year of mostly General University Requirements (GUR), students move into Discipline Specific Subjects (DSR).

Starting from Year Two, students in the BSc(Hons) in Hotel Management programme begin to take subjects in the hotel and food and beverage management area and learn the basics of hotel and food and beverage operations. They also start to take subjects in their chosen Minor or free Electives. In Year Three, students begin to take advanced subjects in hotel and food and beverage management and finish the subjects in their chosen Career Track, Minor and/or Free Electives. Subjects during this year begin to focus more on case studies and applications in Hotel Management. In Year Four, students complete all of the advanced subjects in hotel and food and beverage management. Depending on their selection, they also either begin to work on their Thesis or enrol in a Capstone Subject. During their studies, students must complete 6 months or 960 hours of cumulative work experience to fulfil the Work-Integrated Education (WIE) requirement.

Entrance Requirements & Subject Weightings

Entrance Requirements and Subject Weightings

Satisfy the University's General Entrance Requirements.

There is no compulsory subject requirement.  Preferred subject(s) with the highest weighting for admission score calculation include(s):

  • English Language

Other Information
Preference will also be given to applicants with good results in languages.

Admission Score Calculation

Admission Score Calculation

Admission Score Calculation Mechanism for the Current Admission Exercise

Any Best 5 Subjects

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Average HKDSE Scores of Admittees

2020-21: 21.9 (Any Best 5 Subjects)

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For further programme information, please contact:
The General Office (tel: 3400 2200/3400 2201; email:

Student Message

Student Message

No information is available at present.

Additional Documents Required

Additional Documents Required

No information is available at present.

Interview Arrangement

Interview Arrangement

Date: After the announcement of HKDSE results
Mode:Individual interview

To obtain a better understanding of the overall academic and non-academic qualities and achievements of the applicant, and his/her attitude toward the programme. The interview also serves to gauge the language and communication skills of the applicant, and to evaluate his/her interest in, potential for, and knowledge of the hotel and tourism industry in general.


10 minutes


Preference will be given to Band A applicants and only Band A applicants will be invited to attend the interview.