Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development

Sept 2020 Entry

Programme code: 31474-SY

Duration and Credit Requirement

Mode of Study
Normal Duration

2 years

Credits Required for Graduation

Normally 70 (plus 4 practical training credits)
A student's actual study pattern will depend on the subjects taken in previous Higher Diploma or Associate Degree study as well as successful credit transfers according to the relevant criteria.

Programme Intake
12 senior year places
Fund Type
Consider Second Choice Applications
Yes, but preference will be given to first choice applications.
Programme Leader(s)

Dr Shao-Yuan Leu

PhD; M.S. and B.S.

  • The credit requirements of this programme are indicative only. They are subject to review.
  • The exact duration of study and the number of credits to be transferred will depend on the academic background and entry qualifications of individual AD/HD admittees.

Aims and Characteristics

Programme Aims & Learning Outcomes

This programme is the first of its kind offered by Hong Kong institutions, with emphasis on both environmental engineering, including transportation engineering, and sustainable development.

In addition to knowledge of environmental and transportation engineering, and management, economics, sustainable urban development and public policy are adequately covered in this programme. Graduates of this programme will be able to devise practical solutions to environmental and transportation problems as well as to contribute to policy formulation which will lead to sustainable development.


Programme Characteristics

The attractive features of this programme are as follows:

  • Two-year full-time comprehensive programme with a wide range of core and elective subjects;
  • Summer placement in Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland or overseas between the first and second years of the programme;
  • Scholarships for students with excellent academic performances; and
  • Lessons from leading environmental and sustainable development researchers in the region with the opportunity of further study for postgraduate qualifications after graduation.


Students are admitted to senior year of the programme and must complete all of the following subjects to fulfil the credit requirement for graduation.

Core Subjects (52 credits)

Water and Waste Management, Air and Noise Pollution Control, Water and Wastewater Treatment Techniques for ESD, Solid and Hazardous Wastes Control, Environmental Impact Assessment - Theory and Practice, Design Project for Environmental Engineers, Environmental Management Systems, Transportation Engineering, etc.

Electives (3 credits)

Fundamentals of Risk Assessment and Management, Renewable Energy, Design of Transport Infrastructure, etc.

Individual Project (6 credits)

General University Requirement (9 credits)

• Cluster Area Requirement (6 credits)

• Service Learning Subject (3 credits)

Work-Integrated Education (4 practical training credits)

Students are required to complete at least 4 weeks of summer industrial placement in Hong Kong or offshore to fulfil the Work-Integrated Education requirement.

For subject details, please visit

Recognition and Prospects

Professional Recognition

Full accreditation has been granted for the 4-year BEng (Hons) Degree Programme in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development by The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE). Graduates of this programme will be qualified for Scheme A training of the Environmental Discipline and Logistics & Transportation Discipline of HKIE. Graduates of this programme are expected to be qualified for Corporate Membership of HKIE.


Career Prospects

Our graduates are ready for employment as environmental  and transportation engineers and sustainable development professionals in both public and private sectors with good career prospect, such as civil servants, managers, analysts, and environmental consultants.



Entrance Requirements

  • A Higher Diploma or an Associate Degree in applied science or engineering, or a relevant discipline.
  • Applicants will be shortlisted based on their academic merit. Interviews/written tests may be arranged, if necessary.


For further programme information, please contact:

General Office (tel: 2766 6052; email:

Student Message

No information is available at present.

Additional Documents Required

Transcript / Certificate


Interview Arrangement

Date: Between March to August
Mode:Individual interview, if necessary

To understand the interest of the applicants and to evaluate their potential in studying the programme.

Medium:Cantonese and English

About 10-15 minutes


Depending on the academic background and qualifications, applicants may be invited to interviews and /or attend a written test.