Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Product Engineering with Marketing

Sept 2020 Entry

Programme code: 45498-SYP

Duration and Credit Requirement

Mode of Study
Normal Duration

2 years

Credits Required for Graduation

Normally 64 (plus 6 training credits)(See the Remarks section below)

Programme Intake
5 senior year places
Fund Type
Consider Second Choice Applications
Yes, but preference will be given to first choice applications.
Programme Leader(s)

Prof. C.Y. Tang
BSc, MSc, PhD

  • The curriculum of this programme, including the credit requirements, is subject to review.
  • The exact study duration and number of credits to be transferred will depend on the entry qualification of individual AD/HD admittees and the University regulations.

Aims and Characteristics

Programme Aims and Learning Outcomes

With decreasing time to market, increasing customer expectations and global competition, product design and development has become increasingly more complex in recent years. Today, product engineers are required to carry out product design and development tasks not only limited to functional or engineering design but also need to incorporate the considerations of aesthetic issues, design for the product life cycle, technologies and business issues. There is now an urgent need to produce professionals in product development who can be innovative, knowledgeable and skilful enough to synergise product development with design, technology and business in developing successful new products.

To fulfil this need, the BEng(Hons) in Product Engineering with Marketing programme is designed to achieve the following aims and learning outcomes:

  • Provide integrated education and training to students for synergising product design, technology and business in new product development;
  • Enable students to develop their knowledge in business development, strategic product planning, product marketing and management, and understand how they relate to the development of successful new products; and
  • Supply graduates who are capable of product design and development, and can interact with customers, industrial designers, production personnel, suppliers and vendors, understand market situations and competition environments, identify market needs and opportunities in order to convert them into new products that satisfy customer needs and all product engineering requirements.


Programme Characteristics

The programme provides comprehensive education and training in the development of successful new products in which graduates are able to synthesise product design, technologies and business issues.

Adopting an integrative and problem-based teaching and learning approach, the programme helps students to develop their knowledge in product design and development, and marketing, as well as their communication, teamwork, management and self-learning skills. Graduates are able to play leading roles in the industry by virtue of their well-balanced education and practical training.


Students are admitted to the senior year of the 4-year degree programme. They must complete all of the following subjects to fulfil the credit requirement for graduation.

General University Requirement (GUR) (minimum 9 credits)

Subjects are mandated by the University as part of the broad based education for every student. Students are also expected to meet the equivalent standard of the Undergraduate Degree Language and Communication Requirement (LCR). Credit transfers are considered based on previous studies in AD/HD programmes and academic performance.

Core Subjects (2 subjects of 2 credits each, 13 subjects of 3 credits each, total 43 credits)

These subjects are necessary for every student to form a broad knowledge base. 

Elective Subjects (2 subjects out of a pool of 6 Electives, total 6 credits)

Every student is also required to study any 2 Elective subjects.

Projects (6 credits)

Group or individual projects are arranged in every year of the study.

Practical Training Modules (6 training credits)

These modules provide students with a total of 10 weeks' practical training (normally 36 hours per week).

Work-Integrated Education

Work-Integrated Education (WIE) has been incorporated into the course of studies to ensure that students gain real-life work experience that is relevant to their study disciplines, and to enhance their all-round development. Each student must attain a minimum of one WIE training credit, i.e. a completion of at least 2 weeks/80 hours of full-time training, or the equivalent, before graduation.


Summer Placement

Summer placement opportunities may be provided to students to enable them to gain practical work experience.

Student Exchange Programme

Students also have the opportunity to participate in a student exchange programme with universities in countries such as the United States, Canada, Sweden and Finland for one semester.

Recognition and Prospects

Professional Recognition

The programme has been granted full accreditation by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) as a professional engineering degree programme recognised by other Washington Accord signatories.


The Washington Accord is an international agreement between bodies responsible for accrediting engineering degree programmes.  Currently, it has 18 signatories, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and New Zealand.


Career Prospects

In recent years, many Hong Kong manufacturers have been switching from being low-cost original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to high value-added original design manufacturers (ODMs), and even to original brand manufacturers (OBMs) to maintain their competitiveness and maximise their profit margins. This has led to a substantial demand for professionals to design and develop new products.

Our graduates have the abilities needed to work as product engineers, project engineers and product design engineers in the development of various kinds of products such as toys, domestic electrical appliances, health care products, electronic consumer products, audio/visual products, green products, power tools, and automobile components.

Entrance Requirements

  • An Associate Degree or a Higher Diploma in Engineering, Product Design or a related discipline.
  • In addition to academic results, the potential for and interest of applicants in the programme, their language and communication skills, and their learning attitude, will be considered. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend a selection interview.


For further programme information, please contact:

Ms Becky Chan (tel: 3400 3838; email:

Student Message

No information is available at present.

Additional Documents Required

Transcript / Certificate


Interview Arrangement

Date: Between November 2019 and April 2020
Mode:Individual interview via Skype or telephone

To evaluate the potential for and interest of applicants in the programme, and to assess their language and communication skills, and their learning attitude.


About 10-15 minutes

  • Suitable applicants will be invited to interviews.
  • The mode of interview has been updated.