Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Social Policy and Administration

Sept 2020 Entry

Programme code: 54439-SYP

Duration and Credit Requirement

Mode of Study
Normal Duration

2 years

Credits Required for Graduation

64 (plus 9 clinical/field credits)

Programme Intake
30 senior year places
Fund Type
Consider Second Choice Applications
Programme Leader(s)

Dr Tam Kin Yuen, Raymond

  • The programme is offered within the BA(Hons) Scheme in Applied Social Sciences.
  • Credit transfers may be granted to applicants whose previous study is relevant to the programme.

Aims and Characteristics

Programme Aims

The overall aim of this programme is to educate students to become effective, efficient and caring practitioners in the field of social policy and administration, responsible for analyzing, formulating and implementing social policies for the improvement of social well-being. Students are also expected to develop information literacy, critical thinking, problem solving skills and to uphold core social values. The programme will also help students to build skills and knowledge necessary for lifelong learning.



Programme Characteristics

This programme is designed to integrate theory and practice. The curriculum is heavily geared towards meeting the growing demands for trained professionals and practitioners in the fields of social policy and social administration. Students are expected to be equipped not only with the theoretical knowledge necessary for but also real-life exposure to working in a wide range of organisations dealing with welfare, health care, housing, labour, law and order, advocacy, education and environmental protection, performing designated policy and administrative tasks through specially designed professional attachments. They will learn to balance and resolve competing values involving bureaucratic versus human concerns as well as private profit-making versus the public good and well-being.

In addition, overseas placement opportunities, overseas exchange and study tours are available for students with high achievements.


Students are admitted to the senior year of the 4-year programme and they have to complete all of the following subjects to fulfil the credit requirement for graduation.

General University Requirement

  • 2 Cluster-Area Requirement subjects [minimum 3 credits of which in subjects designated as China-related “CSR”; plus “R” and “W” requirements in English and Chinese.]
  • Service Learning

Discipline-Specific Language Requirement

  • Chinese Communication for Social Sciences
  • Professional English for Social Sciences

Professional Core

  • Government and Public Administration
  • Hong Kong Society
  • Introduction to Social Services in Hong Kong
  • Justice and the Modern Social Context
  • Research for Policy and Administration
  • Social Research Methods

Stream Core (choose 3 subjects)

  • Civil Society and Governance
  • Management in Human Services
  • Programme Planning and Evaluation
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprises
  • Social Planning and Policy Making Process
  • Theories of Social Policy

Stream Electives (choose 5 subjects)

  • Comparative and Global Social Policy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Current Management Practices and Issues in Human Service Organizations
  • Educational Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Financial Management in Human Services
  • Health Policy
  • Housing Policy
  • Human Capital Development
  • Labour Policy
  • Legal Aspects of Human Services
  • Marketing Strategies and Skills in Human Services
  • Social Capital
  • The Philosophical Foundations of Policy Planning
  • Welfare Policy

Social Sciences Electives (choose 2 subjects)

  • Economics and Social Problems
  • Media and Society
  • Political Economy of Hong Kong
  • Self, Culture and Society


Work-Integrated Education (Clinical/Field Training)

  • Attachment for Social Policy and Administration Practitioners
  • Attachment Workshop

Capstone Project

  • Capstone Project for Practicing Social Policy and Administration


Students not meeting the equivalent standard of the undergraduate degree Language Communication Requirements (LCR) based on their previous studies in AD/HD programmes and their academic performance will be required to take additional credits (6 in English and 3 in Chinese) on top of the programme's normal credit requirements.

More information on the programme can be obtained here.

(Subject to revision)

Recognition and Prospects

Career Prospects

There is increasing demand for professional personnel with strong backgrounds in policy and administration.  Graduates can occupy mid-level administrative and managerial posts in various public, quasi-public and non-government organisations, including think-tanks, NGOs, government departments and other human service organisations. They are also prepared for posts in human resource management, marketing and decision support.

Entrance Requirements

An Associate Degree or a Higher Diploma in a relevant discipline from a recognised institution.

Other Information

  • In addition to considering academic results, preference will be given to applicants who are able to communicate effectively in English.

  • Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview to evaluate their potential for studying and interest in the programme.


For further programme information, please contact: 
The General Office (tel: 2766 5746; email:

Student Message

The Social Policy and Administration programme nurtured me as a critical-thinking student. I studied various theories and ideologies of government, and was also encouraged to think independently. I did not only study the Hong Kong policy-making model, but also compared it with those of other places, gaining ideas for possible policy alternatives in Hong Kong. Many opportunities for putting knowledge into practice were given to students in addition to in-class projects and assignments. We were also required to undertake an attachment in a human service organisation, which allowed me to experience the working atmosphere and leadership styles therein. We were required to conduct a research project during the attachment, which helped me to explore my strengths and interests.


In addition to study, I made many friends during my time in the programme. We always discussed the social issues that we had covered in lectures, and even took action on some. These valuable experiences allowed us to become all-rounded students, exploring our talents, interests and possible future careers.


Additional Documents Required

Transcript / Certificate


Interview Arrangement

Date: In around March 2020 (tentatively)
Mode:Online written assessment

To assess applicants' potential for studying and interest in the programme, and to gauge their understanding of the issues involved in social policy, civil society and social administration.


About 1 hour

  • Suitable applicants will be invited to attend an interview.
  • Interview cancelled and replaced by online written assessment.
  • The above arrangements may change with due consideration of unforeseen circumstances.