Non-JUPAS - Interview Arrangement

Academic departments will notify shortlisted applicants of the details on interviews/aptitude tests/assessments individually by email, SMS, phone (our phone number usually starts with 2766 or 3400) or other electronic means. Applicants are advised to attend the interviews/aptitude tests/assessments as scheduled since re-arrangement may not be possible. If they fail to do so, their applications may not be further considered.

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Scheme/Programme Code Scheme/Programme Title Details
JS3050 Fashion (Fashion Design / Knitwear Design / Contour Fashion and Activewear / Fashion Business / Fashion Innovation and Technology) - BA (Hons) Scheme
Date:Between December and July (for both design and non-design specialisms)
Mode:Suitable candidates may be invited to interview at PolyU or via Microsoft Teams

To assess the suitability of candidates for the programme.


About 15 to 30 minutes for the interview


The admission interview is for the BA Scheme, not individual specialism. All students will start the programme with 2 common semesters. Students without a Secondary Major, after the 2 common semesters, will be streamed to one of the five specialisms according to students' individual preference, overall GPA in Year One and/ or interview results. Students will be asked to rank their specialism choices (from the most preferred to the least preferred) during Semester 2 of Year One for the School's consideration and approval. ​​Students opting not to be streamed into any specialism will be given a BA (Hons) in Fashion.