Non-JUPAS - Interview Arrangement

Academic departments will notify shortlisted applicants of the details on interviews/aptitude tests/assessments individually by email, SMS, phone (our phone number usually starts with 2766 or 3400) or other electronic means. Applicants are advised to attend the interviews/aptitude tests/assessments as scheduled since re-arrangement may not be possible. If they fail to do so, their applications may not be further considered.

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Scheme/Programme Code Scheme/Programme Title Details
JS3310 Hotel and Tourism Management (Hotel Management / Smart Tourism and Hospitality / Event and Experience Management) - BSc (Hons) Scheme
Date:Between December and June
Mode:Individual interview

To obtain a better understanding of the overall academic and non-academic qualities and achievements of applicants and their attitudes toward the programme, and to gauge applicants' language and communication skills and evaluate his/her interest in, potential for, and knowledge of the hotel, tourism, and event and experience industries in general.


15-20 minutes


Applicants who do not reside in Hong Kong will be invited for an interview via MS Teams or Zoom, if shortlisted.